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Experience Charging Head First 80 MPH In 360 VR Video

Ever wonder what it feels like to charge head first and feel the rush of barreling down an icy track at nearly 80 miles per hour while pulling 5gs on banked turns? Skeleton sledding is a winter sport in which the person rides a small sled, known as skeleton bobsled down the same course track typically used for racing bobsleigh and luge. The skeleton sled always involves single riders, and the sport (and the sled) were named from the bony appearance of the sled.


skeleton racing


This adrenaline rushing sport is extremely dangerous where riders, with their faces just inches above the icy course, attain speeds over 80 miles/hour.


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Experience First Person View In Immersive 360 Video


How to Watch Youtube videos with Google Cardboard

Watching YouTube 360 videos with Google Cardboard is super easy, there’s no need to install app or convert file. What you will need is a Google Cardboard and an Android phone (iOS coming soon). Just open the video via YouTube app, with a simple taps on the Cardboard icon and you can joy the experiences in 360 degree free to look around and explore all the view angles. Just a reminder how dangerous this type of sport can be, 21 year old, Nodar Kumaritashvili. tragically died after an accidental luge crash during a practice round at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Warning!! The following video and pictures might be disturbing to some viewers



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