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Sketchfab Launches the Largest AR Library on the Planet

Updated iOS app with Apple ARKit support unleashes close to 2 million models into the wild. With roughly half a billion iOS users gaining access to ARKit with the recent release of iOS11, Sketchfab is poised to bring mobile AR (Augmented Reality) to a massive audience.

The 3D platform’s app has been updated today to support the new functionality allowing users to open up the entire Sketchfab library of close to 2 million assets and pull them into the real world.

From educational uses in the classroom to entertaining animations in the palm of your hand, the move provides users access to the largest AR library on the planet no matter where they are. And for content creators and publishers, the platform is the easiest way to push 3D content to AR without using a single line of code.

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble wrote, “Probably the most useful of the AR apps I’ve downloaded so far”

Sketchfab co­founder and CEO, Alban Denoyel says, “Mobile AR lets you navigate 3D content in a much more natural and intuitive way than a 2D screen. You can move around any object or scene with 6 degrees of freedom, just like you would in real life, or in VR, but without the limitations of either. It’s really a new medium in that sense. AR also provides a great way to get the sense of scale of a virtual thing, which is very hard to do without the additional context provided by mixed reality.”

To learn more and to see the app in action, head on over to today’s blog announcement. The updated app is available starting today from the App Store.

About Sketchfab, Inc.

Enter new dimensions. With a community of over one million creators, we are the world’s largest platform to publish, share, and discover 3D content on web, mobile, in VR and AR.

Our technology integrates with every major 3D creation tool and publishing platform and supports almost every 3D format directly through our site or using one of our official exporters. Using our universal 3D & VR player, your creations can be embedded on any web page and every major network including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress, Behance, DeviantArt and Kickstarter.

Sketchfab is proud to be the official 3D publishing partner of Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Hololens, Intel RealSense and more.

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