Sketchfab – World’s Largest 3D Library Released VR Button Feature In 3D Player

Sketchfab had released a new VR button feature for its 3D Player, Now you can view 3D models from Sketchfab’s gigantic 3D model archive using VR headsets such as Google Cardboard.


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Sketchfab Goes VR

Sketchfab at its core is essentially “just” a virtual cube, or 3D scene, in which you can put anything that has 3 dimensions, and share this scene to the world leveraging the power of the web. You can navigate within the scene with your mouse directly on any web page, but with VR it means you can actually put yourself right inside the scene, and walk in it.



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VR is getting so much attention these days simply because we live in a 3D world, and it’s a natural evolution to be able to experience things virtually the way we already experience real life. Today, the technology is finally getting closer to living up to that hope.


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Sketchfab team has spent the past few years building the easiest way to share and embedded virtual objects and content. Sketchfab archive now houses more than 500k virtual objects and 3D models! You can find a digital preview of pretty much anything on Sketchfab: people, places, objects, you name it!


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There is so much content that someone even made a Sketchfab-powered Wikipedia mirror: So now with this new feature, you can browse all that incredible content in VR from or from Sketchfab embeds.



The new feature is already being used in amazing ways. Just a few days ago, a surgeon practiced heart surgery using Sketchfab + Google Cardboard before saving a baby girl’s life. You can go ahead and discover how a beating heart works, teleport yourself inside Van Gogh’s room, or go back in time to confront this Triceratops.


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This is just the first step. Today Sketchfab works with Google Cardboard and according to Sketchfab, the team is planning to expand its VR support to all major VR headsets. Up next being the Oculus rift hmd. The navigation itself needs a lot of work, to be as natural and seamless as possible, and on top of that, Sketchfab is also working endlessly to create better content categories to optimize navigation, and to provide a better browsing experience for VR.


According to Sketchfab, there are two major goals, first is to provide the easiest way for anyone making 3D content to publish it in VR; the second is to provide a huge interactive library of content for all the VR headset owners out there to explore. Stay tuned as Sketchfab team working on its progress in the virtual world! Check out the Sketchfab staff pick on this page.


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