VR Bangers has released two new fantasy featurettes, "Dare to be Wild", with Ana Foxxx, and "Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls", starring Skye Blue & Eliza Ibarra.

Imagine the following scenario: You are a gardener for a wealthy couple who lives in a mansion. You do your best but you are distracted by the hot wife of the villa owner who is trying to seduce your attention," a representative about Foxxx said in "Dare to be Wild."

The rep stated that she continued to do things to grab your attention. She wore more intimate clothing in the house, and when all else failed, she finally blackmailed you. This put you in a position where you must choose between giving her pleasure and losing your job. "What would YOU do?" "Why are we even asking?"

Ivan Harbakon, VR Bangers producer, invited viewers to "wear their VR goggles and... try being up to Ana’s high sexual expectations."

The rep said that "Girls, Girls, Girls" was one of the main reasons people watch porn. "Hot girls are the most important reason we watch porn, and the more they have, the better."

Skye and Eliza are two of the most popular dancers in the world, and all horny viewers are welcome to see them. But there's more to come," she said. Skye is a newbie dancer and is seeking a teacher who is more experienced to help her learn. Skye can trust Eliza to teach her how to move, and she is willing to pay a fee.

Harbakon observed that VR fantasies have "become really, really intimate, and sexy," giving fans an experience they could never have had any other way. These VR scenes are definitely worth the effort, don't ya think?

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