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Sleek VR Headset Stands Launching on Kickstarter on September 6

Virtual pioneers tired of finding their VR headsets in a tangle of wires and dust can add an essential piece of kit to their collection next month – as the world’s most advanced virtual reality headset stand launches on Kickstarter. Designed with Google’s Tilt Brush in a virtual environment, VOYA is a next-generation complete storage solution for VR headsets, headphones and hand controllers, coupling form with function for a new frontier in consumer technology and fully immersive experiences. For those who want to quickly embark on their next virtual adventure, the VOYA VR headset stand is the perfect accessory.

Sleek, streamlined and ultra high-tech, the VOYA offers the perfect fit for all VR headsets thanks to clever design and intuitive aesthetics. The stand’s carefully calibrated adjustment system adapts to each headset brand for a snug fit – meaning it can be used with all major headset brands including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

Those gearing up to explore new frontiers will have everything they need to hand – no more battling to get it in and out of the box or running the risk of expensive equipment being unready and uncared for when the mission begins.

As cutting edge as the VR headsets it’s designed to store, VOYA is a premium storage solution with four USB charging ports to power hand controllers and other devices. Created for virtual boundary pushers, the Voya stand’s striking design includes adjustable LED lighting – the perfect pedestal to display any VR headset. There’s also dedicated interior space for controllers, keeping them fully charged and securely stored under the VR headset for easy access when a new adventure beckons.

VOYA VR designer Mark Date said, “I’m a VR enthusiast, and the VOYA stand was created to solve a problem I experienced with my VR equipment when not in use. My beloved kit morphed into a dusty, tangle of wires on my desk – so I decided a proper storage solution was needed for this new world changing technology. And that led me to create the VOYA VR headset stand – a true home to store and protect any VR headset when not in use. This is an indispensable accessory for those like me who believe VR is humankind’s next great frontier.”

Author: VR Reporter

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