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SmartVizX, a leading virtualization firm that develops innovative Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for business applications is aiming to disrupt traditional decision-making process and buying behavior. Thus helping brand and companies do ‘Smarter Business’. The virtualization offerings include several path-breaking products to revolutionize the way business operates.


” SmartVizX brings together architects and gaming technology experts to disrupt traditional buying & decision making! “

Imagine as an online consumer you could see the exact version of the thing you wish to buy say a house, a car or even an outfit; not just that but also make the desired customization to the final product you will receive and evaluate. Imagine the kind of power it will give you to make the right decision. This is what Virtual Reality can do for consumers when transposed to various business applications.


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E-tailers or Retailers are constantly brainstorming on innovative ways to appeal to the psyche of consumers. One of such way include giving consumers a virtual tour of the entire e-store allowing them to examine all products from all angles thus getting a real hands-on feel on the offerings. A car manufacturer based in UAE can showcase multiple virtually scaled models to a consumer sitting in LA.

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VR has enormous potential in several walks of life be it Education or Medical science. But one sector where VR provides a peek into the future and fits naturally is Real Estate. For instance, changing design of apartments, moving furniture around, changing colours of walls and curtains and even maneuvering the lighting to realize how the place looks like during various phases of a day are some applications that are bound to revolutionize the way real estate sector operates.


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Leading players are looking at AR and VR as the future and investing heavily into the technology considering the launch of new HMD’s like the Oculus, Samsung VR, even the HoloLens (more AR). Recently, Facebook acquired the Oculus for 2 billion; Google invested 542 million dollars in Magic Leap, Microsoft launching the HoloLens. What was primarily seen as a mere gaming technology; VR has far more deep reaching applications and implications across multifarious industries.


SMARTVIZX Founding Direcotr Gautam Tewari

SMARTVIZX Founding Direcotr Gautam Tewari


VR has been around for a long time but unlike the popular notion, its usage is not limited to entertainment and gaming. There much more to VR than just witnessing special effects of a film. The reality is that human race hasn’t tapped the gigantic potential that VR holds yet in the right manner. In fact, we have just begun to scratch the surface. However, times are changing and the masses are becoming more and more aware of the power of VR. Owing to the rapidly evolving consumer behaviour and digital ecosystem, VR is now set to discover multifaceted application in various walks of life.


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