The demand for virtual reality footage is on the rise. The problem is, current 360° cameras are expensive, complex and typically lack surround sound capabilities the human ear is accustomed to hearing.

With SONICAM Argus – created by HAX graduate, SONICAM – any videographer can become a VR content producer. Real-time auto stitching and preview functions make it easy to achieve professional quality without post-production. Its audio core algorithm technology allows for 3D, ambisonic sound. In the finished product, sound effects automatically follow the viewer’s head movements.

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SONICAM Features:

  • 9 fisheye cameras for 2D and 3D video

  • 64 microphones, ambisonic sound field recording, and a beam forming microphone array for noise reduction

  • 4K HD resolution

  • 360° field of vision and live VR abilities for instant 3D streaming

  • Time-lapse functionality

  • 128 GB of data (2.5 hours of video footage)

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