Past, Present, and Futre of Sony PlayStation PSVR

Sony’s interest in head-mounted technology dates back to the 90s. Their first VR headset, Glasstron, debuted in 1997.

Previously codenamed Project Morpheus, the PSVR is a virtual reality headset developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The VR device first released back in October 2016, starting with price at $399 in the United States. As of December 2017, Sony has sold over 2 million PSVR units worldwide.


Image credit: Sony

PlayStation VR Specifications

The headset was designed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 video game console. The PSVR has a 5.7 inch OLED display panel with 1080p display resolution. The headset features a processor box which allows social screen video output to the TV, as well as processing VR audio effect. The headset has nine external positional LED that allows PlayStation console camera to track head movements.

The first prototype was unveiled at the 2015 GDC, which featured an OLED 1920 x 1080 pixel display. The headset provides 960 x 1080 pixel resolution per eye with an RGB sub pixel matrix. PSVR is capable to render at 120 frames per second. It has a field of view of 100 degrees, 6 DoF head-tracking, stereoscopic 3D, and capability to output to a TV.

Non-VR games can also be played via the PSVR headset through the Cinematic Mode. This allows the content to be render on a simulated screen in 3D. PSVR can also support display of 360 degree videos and photos.

PlayStation VR is definitely a more affordable VR solution when compared with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The headset does not require an expensive VR ready computer, as it is powered by the PS4 console. Although the experience aren’t as crisp as one would find on the HTC Vive or Oculus, the PSVR performance is definitely on the premium level. However, one may find the headset lacks complete sealing out light, and also the price does not include the required accessories. The controller’s tracking is also subpar when compared to the Vive or Rift.

Future of PSVR

A recent patent seen last month suggests Sony is redesigning the controller to incorporate a flight stick-like design, than the currently wand-like appearance.

At the moment, you can find the headset bundle starting at $299 in the US, which includes the VR helmet, headphones, and cables. The starter pack costs $499 which includes two Move controllers and a PlayStation Camera.