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Sony Project Morpheus Headset Announcement At GDC

Sony Project Morpheus as made a bold move and made a huge announcement during GDC 2015, which took place at Moscone Center, San Francisco earlier this month. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment announced the headset will release in the first half of 2016.


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Yoshida Morpheus prototype debut gdc 2014

Yoshida shows Morpheus prototype at GDC 2014


A surprise gift was given to GDC 2015 attendees. Each attendee received a Sony Project Morpheus Cardboard Edition hmd, as shown below in Synthesis Universe’s Tweet:


project morpheus freebie GDC 2015 tweeter tweet

Sony understands the power of Social Media, hence the freebie @ GDC 2015


Sony Project Morpheus Building Up Momentum For 2016 Debut

Sony Project Morpheus has always been mysterious project since the beginning, we don’t hear much about it since GDC 2014. Sony Project Morpheus team kept its mouth tightly sealed until this month at GDC 2015. We like to think Sony is holding back because they are finalize their prototype and perfecting their first ever headset ( HMD ). Building up more momentum, and making sure they won’t repeat what happened with Nintendo’s Virtual Boy in the early 90’s.


virtual boy nintendo 1994

Due to elementary graphic and poor support, Virtual Boy was a failure.


Back in the 80’s, Sony was known for their top notch Walkman and CD player. Since the introduction of Playstation in 1994, Nintendo was one of their biggest competitor. Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was released to consumer market in 1995. Due to lack of support, generic games, poor graphics; the game console was merely a burst of bubble, a huge failure, and was taken down from the market the following year.



Top Notch Headset Specification

Sony Project Morpheus headset is mainly targeting gamers, and will work perfectly with Sony’s own game console PS4. One of the game that will be available to work with Sony Morpheus’s headset is Eve Valkyrie, which is also our most anticipate multi-player virtual reality game. One of the first ever “real” 360 degree, fully-immersive 3D game.


Gamers mainly cares about 3 things. The graphic, the sound and latency rate. If Sony’s headset is able to deliver in all 3 areas, it will be success. The released spec is as follows. Seems like Sony has put a strong emphasis to tackle all 3 areas:


Screen Size: 5-7 inches

Latency: Less than 18 millisenconds

1920 x 1080 RGB OLED Viewing Display ( no phone needed, thank God! )

120 Hz Refresh Rate

9 x LED 360 degree Tracking with DualShock 4 and PS Move


Sony Project Morpheus headset’s biggest competitors: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive are a step ahead of the game with their own earlier headset debut, gaining lots of attention and buzz. However, Sony has one great advantage over its competitors. As of now, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold over 20 million units and still increasing.


Although, Sony Project Morpheus headset’s final price and weight has yet to be confirmed, but you can bet your last dime, a lot of serious and dedicated gamers who already own a PlayStation 4 will buy the headset just to play the virtual reality games.


We predict Sony Project Morpheus headset will sell like a hot cake in 2016! I, myself will personally be waiting in the line to get it, and I have never wait in line for a new product release, not even for iPhone6 or any Supreme crossover.


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