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SpaceVR Lets You Experience Space Like An Astronaut With Virtual Reality

Today, SpaceVR made an super exciting tweet announcing their Kickstarter success! With the help of 1,269 backers from around the world to bring this unprecedented and ambitious VR project to live! Surpassing the goal of 100K. As of now, 25 hours to go before the closing!


This news certainly made our day at Virtual Reality Reporter office, we have always been fascinated by space and we are big fans of Sci-Fi films, this is amazing and it is really happening woo hoo!!!


spacevr kickstarter

Source: SpaceVR Twitter


SpaceVR is formed by a group of commercial space engineers, NASA scientists, NASA astronauts, hackers, geologists, and an impressive board of advisors and partners.


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SpaceVR Launches Kickstarter Project That Let You Experience Space Through 360 Camera

The mission is simple, SpaceVR wants to give a ticket for everyone to see the galaxy from an astronaut’s point of view, and experience the beauty of unknown space via a custom-built 360°, 3D, stereoscopic VR video camera called Overview One. The goal is to live-stream footages from International Space Station (ISS)!


Out of the 108 billion people who have ever lived, only 536 have ever experienced the earth from space, now that’s about to change with initiative of SpaceVR Kickstarter project and technologies. Check out SpaceVR’s Kickstarter Campaign on this page.


Human race has been fascinated by the space realm since day of its discovery, however, probably less than 0.1% of people are able to afford a ticket to board on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship, which will cost you around $200,000 per ticket at minimum, that’s the initial set point for the ticket price, which could increase in the future. And you will have to be on the waiting list, who knows when you will actually be ready to go?


spacevr overview 360 camera

SpaceVR Live-Streams W/ OverView One 360 Video Camera

SpaceVR is sending Overview One, a 360 video camera rig with 12 built-in cameras to the international Space Station to capture its supply mission scheduled in December. The camera’s codename derived from the infamous Overview Effect, an effect describing an immediate shift of cognitive awareness in space. Viewing earth from a distance, you’ll be able to see the world without boards, it will certainly change the way you view the world and everything within. According to SpaceVR, the 360 video live-streaming is a movement to help shift the global consciousness!


“Being in space and looking down at the earth, astronauts are hit with an astounding reality: our planet is a tiny, fragile ball of life, “hanging in the void,” shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. It’s a phenomenon known as the Overview Effect.” By SpaceVR


Overview One will be assembled on International Space Station. According to SpaceVR, 3D printer will be on board to print the camera chassis and stand in space.


spacevr kickstarter overview effect live stream


According to The Verge, SpaceVR has a vision for number of possible live-stream programming such as capturing astronauts on spacewalks, be inside the spaceship with astronauts as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. But that will all have to wait until the first footage has been sent back and everything looks okay.


“We’re so dead-focused on ‘just get it done’ that the whole storytelling aspect is something we’re going to have to look at afterwards.” By SpaceVR ( via The Verge )


It’s like Netflix, except you get to go to space.” By Isaac Desouze, SpaceVR Cofounder & CTO ( Via The Verge )


“The camera is a handheld camera, we envision the astronauts being able to put the camera in places like the Cupola, you just clip it on there. But at the same time, the astronauts are welcome and encouraged to move the camera around, put it in different modules, record different things.” ( via Tech Times )


“With 500 people experiencing this, it’s like a novelty. But with a million people experiencing this, it’s a movement. And with a billion people, you’ve had a shift in global consciousness.” By SpaceVR


“We’re sending a virtual reality camera to the Cupola module, the observation deck of the International Space Station (ISS) to capture immersive 3D video – giving you the chance to have the same experience the astronauts get in real life.” By SpaceVR


“Our squad has helped launch WiFi to the Space Station, worked to capture the first image ever from inside Jupiter, founded hackerspaces and space accelerators, cooled atoms to almost -459°F using lasers, developed new life support technology for manned space missions using liquid nitrogen, developed the cutting edge technology for VR and AR, organized NASA’s International Space Apps challenge, and even managed to give a killer TedX talk in our spare time. No big deal.” By SpaceVR


“Together we can make the universe accessible to everyone, inspire the next generation of explorers and get people excited about STEAM fields.” By SpaceVR


“We’re a small group with a big mission: giving you a ticket to space.” By SpaceVR


The space captured footage will only be available to viewers with a subscription. Starting from $250, you’ll get a full year of access to the content captured from International Space Station. For $2,000, you can sponsor an entire classroom for a year, along with access to SpaceVR app and 30 x SpaceVR Cardboard.




There is another interesting reward package, for $200, you’ll get a 3D file to print your own Overview One camera rig that will deliver in March 2016, this is a standalone deal that isn’t included in other reward package.


Content Source: SpaceVR, Kickstarter, The Verge, Tech Times

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