Sphere Offers Intuitive Interface to Create and Share Immersive 360°/VR Experiences

Speedernet, a company specialized in developing innovative e-learning solutions for large corporations, will attend Siggraph, the world’s largest and most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive media. During the five days of the exhibition in Los Angeles, from July 30th, through August 3rd, booth #423. Speedernet will showcase its web VR solution, Sphere, and will demonstrate how intuitive it is to create scenarios and visualize 360°/VR experiences, without a single line of code.

Sphere is dedicated to any professional who wishes to create immersive experiences and engage with their audience. From creating scenarios to viewing virtual reality content, all one needs is an Internet browser VR compatible and a headset. VR training is getting more and more popular as the technology saves time, money, and as it is particularly effective for safety training. By 2021, the revenue for VR in the enterprise segment is expected to count for 24.2 percent of all VR revenue (source: Greenlight).

‘’We are delighted to showcase Sphere for our first participation to Siggraph’’ says Patrick Jordikian, CEO of Speedernet. “This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our accessible VR capabilities and our uniqueness in the VR software development. Sphere reflects our long-lasting experience in interactive and multimedia productions, as well as our Research and Development philosophy, to constantly bring innovation and new media to deploy them” adds Jordikian. “As VR becomes mainstream, we are rolling out easy to use customized solutions for large corporations. Users can walk through virtual spaces, see and interact in professional training to increase safety and productivity with no programming knowledge at all!” Mentions Fabien Bizot, CTO of Speedernet.

Sphere is able to integrate any format of 360° images and videos, as well as sound, text, 3D objects, interactive triggers, to enrich the experience. Designing and delivering 360° experiences has never been so easy.

The software targets mostly companies who have the desire to insource the production and the distribution of their own 360°/VR content for professional training and for illustrating safety and security processes; Where previously they had used PowerPoint presentations to emphasize the importance of safety, they can now put their employees at the heart of proceedings. On the other hand, trainees can use VR to practice essential skills without placing lives at risk. Finally, they increase their chance of retaining information and improve their knowledge until they have mastered the subject.

Factories and manufacturers are among early adopters, using Sphere to train workers in real time and provide immediate feedback. They are able to perform complex operations in the field with VR technology creating additional contextual information and operating procedures.

At Siggraph, visitors will be immersed in the virtual world of Sphere using VR headsets such as HTC Vive. They will be able to walk through Sphere’s VR world, experiencing how intuitive it is to create stories and they will use interactive scenarios and environments to reflect a real-life situation. Visitors will be able to move freely into the environment, to interact with objects, to carry out tests and discover how our customers such as Air France, Vinci, and Orange use Sphere.

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