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Valve States No VR Porn Policy & Took Down Virtual Reality Girls

In November, VR studios ErosVR launched its first VR game “Virtual Reality Girls” on Steam’s platform. The game was removed from Steam just two days later due to its similarity to VR porn content.

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Virtual Reality Girls features computer graphic designed women dancing with sexy outfit, or completely naked, the only difference between the game and VR porn game such as Chathouse3D is that Virtual Reality Girls has no explicit sex scenes.

Valve basically stated the game is too similar to VR Porn and should not be allowed. The game has lots of nudity scene, but whether or not it is considered inappropriate virtual adult content is subjective, because Virtual Reality Girls does not have hardcore sex scene.

“If you want porn VR then go to porn VR websites, what I don’t understand is why steam doesn’t have a special section for this stuff. There’s kids on here! Steam is really going downhill IMO when it comes to offering family safe content. How do we protest this? “ Angry comments from Steam Forum’s discussion thread

ErosVR, the studios created the game has different opinion regarding the removal, stating that the game is not, and should not be categorized as VR porn:

“We do not agree with this because there are only dancing girls in this game.You can chose outfit for the girl or let her be naked but nothing more. There isn’t any sexual activities.”

Virtual adult game is one of the most profitable niches in adult VR entertainment industry, some users prefer VR porn, some prefer animated virtual characters. Valve just navigated away from a VR content genre that is potentially highly profitable in the years to come. Apparently, the main issue is that there are tons of under age members on Steam, and some adults deemed the game as too similar to VR porn, and were offended by the NSFW content. Perhaps in the future, Steam would dedicate a specific category for VR porn related content with strict age-verification process.

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