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Steki Amusement Releases Owatch VR Team: Multi-Player VR Platform

Multiplayer online warfare is becoming the next VR-genre that developers and game equipment manufacturers love to create. It’s more suitable for commercial operation and brings more freedom as well as a more interactive game experience.

Owatch VR Team is finally ready to go public. It has been developed for the emerging multiplayer VR gaming market. With its inclusion of customized high-quality games for VR Team solutions, and Steki Amusement’s professional manufacturing and cost controlling, Owatch VR Team is designed to be a very worthwhile investment in VR projects.

VR Team™ is a multiplayer highly interactive team collaboration Shooting Game arena with an HTC VIVE headset and supports up to 5 players. It comes with four original games: “Eve of the Parasite,” “Starship Troopers,” “Magic Adventure” (for kids) and “Jurassic World.”

VR Team™ is currently the best Multi-player VR business solution, a solution that can be really practically operated and profitable.

Monsters in “Eve of the Parasite” appear right before players to make them feel terrified. Players use a VR firearm to interact: press the trigger to fire and swing down the gun to reload. With a “Doomsday”/”Eve” theme, the experience makes gamers feel like they are at the end of the world, fighting against powerful enemies while feeling like a super soldier.

Some gamers have already seen the Backpack computer driven multiplayer large-scale solution or another multiplayer solution, but those are still mostly in the experimental stage. With a high cost and demanding equipment requirements, it can seem like a large investment. The VR Team™ presents the best business solution, a solution that can be practically operated and profitable.

VR Team Product Features:
Metal Cage Design (Mysterious, dangerous and thrilling.)

3×3.5m Room-scale Stage, Up to 4 person

1:1 Game scene

High Interactive Shooting Experience

4 Original Games select-able

Low-frequency vibration effect on the floor

TV Synchronous Display

VR Team Product page: https://www.stekiamusement.com/vr-team

Owatch: China Leading Virtual Reality Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturer Brand which is a Hi-Tech enterprise focusing on VR Simulator Games products: 9D VR Cinema, VR Walker, VR Racing, VR Machine Gun, VR Flight Simulator Machine including R&D, production, sales and technical services!

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