Superhot VR is a single player action game with great graphics available on the PlayStation 4 PSVR and Microsoft Windows VR. 

We highly recommend this game for several reason. There will be times where you feel like putting your fist through the wall from failing over and over again. But once you get the hang of it, this game is a total blast. 

Superhot VR Review: Experience Being a Superhero Like Neo

The game was nominated for the Game Award for Best VR Game in 2017. 

There countless games designed with the idea of making you feel like a superhero, but Superhot VR is one of the few games that really fit that intention to make you believe it as the world around you slows down until you move. This creates a fantastic perceptual illusion that you are reacting and responding at superhuman speed, as ripples of faceless thugs charge at you. 

Superhot VR puts you through a rapid-fire sequence of battles. You have all the time in the world to decide how to handle the attacks and your next move, as long as you stay perfectly still. The twist is that moving makes your attacker move as well. This means that is there are several enemies shooting at you, the bullets coming from them will travel much faster as you attempt to shoot back. 

You literally feel like Neo from the movie Matrix, as you dodge, fight, and grab enemy’s weapon right from their hands. After you move, the enemies spring into full-speed motion, and you feel the control of empowering through stabbing, shooting, and punching to shattering attackers with your mind. This is the best part of the game, because it make you feel great as you watching them fall apart, block their weapons, or snatch the weapon out of their hands. This is as good as it gets for an action game in VR. 

You will soon discover that the trick is to move as little as possible, to use small movements to ensure time progresses more slowly. If you ever tried Tai Chi or Yoga, now is the time to incorporate that mindfulness into the game. 

Each challenge level is broken down into several sections. Complete one without getting killed and you can move on to the next sections. However, if you fail and gets killed, you have to start the round over. It could get quite tricky when you attempt to through objects, as it may feel awkward at first. But when you finally master the movement, it feels great. However, some levels can get challenging, because you are not invincible, in fact, one bullet from your enemy could end the round. It could get somewhat frustrating having to start the round over, and being faced with the same enemies that you have already killed in the previous round, before you died and have to start over again.

But on the positive side of failing, you get to learn each section how to best complete it. You will also discover new ways to complete each section when you get a chance to replay the round. There are five sections or more per challenge level, which doesn’t appear to be too much as it sounds. However, the game can last quite a long time if you end up dying and having to do the round over. 

We find it possible to throw the guns through the air on purpose just so when the game switches, we can catch them again, and find our ways to victory. This is particular handy if you find yourself in a challenging scene in the next round, but if the guns touch the floor, they would break and shatter. Timing is everything. 

Superhot VR is a standing game, and it usually does not require much of feet movement, or the need to turn anymore than 45 degrees. Each challenge level of the game is presented with a new and unknown environment. Look around to see what threats are and what weapons you have to deal with. And you should keep in mind that looking around also consider as movement, so even a quick glance can be enough to increase the danger from the red faceless thugs coming after you.  

When comparing the gaming experience between the Oculus, HTC Vive, the graphics looks far better than the PSVR. Camera tracking for the PSVR could potentially become flaky, as the single camera sensor sometimes is just not enough to provide an uninterrupted gaming experience before it looses tracking.

This is a game without significant art style, as there is not a whole lot of content. As you get through the normal game play, there is a survival mode to challenge your skill level of Superhot VR. 

It is a great way to enjoy gaming in VR, with slow moving objects and kunfu style flighting that make you feel like a true superhero. Remember, time moves only when you move. 

You can remain perfectly still, and then smash through the red thug’s face with a punch. Before the enemy attacks you, you are signaled to your next move, such as move your body to dodge the bullets that’s about come at you. The enemies are super easy to kill, and they shatter like glass. Even throwing a bottle at them can kill and shatter them. Objects such as bottle are scattered throughout section, which can be picked up and used. You may also find other objects such as camera, ashtrays, throwing stars, and knives. These objects can also be used as defense to deflect shots, yet we find dodging is much more easier and practical. 

Sometimes when you lack weapons to fight, it is required to push time forward to see where the enemy is heading and force them to come closer to you within a striking distance. You may find that raising you hand in mid-air is a good game to fast forward time. 

With the power to control time is what makes you feel like a true superhero, and the ability to shatter your enemies with the simple flick of the controller. 

When first starting with the game, you will soon realize the limitations of ammunition. Each gun you come across only contain one clip of bullets and you must make sure your shot is accurate. You will also discover that firing multiple shots will result a burst of time, which can make things more hectic. 

Many challenges will start you off without any ammunition, so you must punch your way through your enemies until you find yourself some weapons. Uppercuts, left hooks, and basic boxing movement training are key to success.  

This game almost feels like a boxing simulator when you do not have any weapons in hand, and it’s quite a cardio workout. You could find yourself punching multiple enemies in the face, and the next moment equipped with machine gun to blast your way to victory. 

As you progress in the game, you will also unlock the ability to kill enemies with telekinetic power. Yet, it take some time to get used to, as the movement happens quite quickly, so you will be in danger if you can’t dodge bullets. A painful sound occurs when you get hit. This disappointing sound means you have to start over again.  

Once the campaign the completed, you then have the option of playing new section including hardcore mode, never-ending waves, and headshots only where you are not allowed to die. For instance, you must kill 100 enemies without dying. You could easily find yourself spending many hours trying to complete this challenge.  


  • Time moves when you move, Matrix like superhero gameplay experience
  • Fascinating first person shooter game in VR


  • Control does not feel smooth when trying to throw weapons and random object at enemies 
  • Timing of release can feel awkward and tricky. 


Overall, Superhot VR is a beautifully simplistic VR gaming experience. It can get touch and frustrating from time to time, and it can also become physically exhausting as well, but we find this game incredibly fun and interesting to play. This is by far one of the best VR games we have played to date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Superhot VR a good workout?

SuperhotVR is a standing-only game for requirement of HTC Vive play space. You can move in the virtual world, but you do not really need to as you can stand in the same place and just dodge bullets or wait for the enemies to come toward you. You just need to make sure you have enough physical space to dodge and duck during the gameplay. 

This is a game that will make you sweat, as it requires a lot of movement. 

Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise calculate that 4.06kcal per minute during their tests. This calculation is based on the assumption that the player weighs 60kgs. 

Please reference the below table for an estimated calorie burn for you weight. 

How much does Superhot VR cost? 

SuperHot VR is available on the Oculus store, HTC Vive, Windows VR, and PSVR for $24.99

How many hours is Superhot VR

It take an average person about two hours to complete the game. 

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