Supernatural VR is Changing the Future of Home Fitness

Supernatural, the first VR fitness club for Meta Quest (previously known as Oculus Quest), taps into the joy and fun of exercise to create a new market in VR healthcare and well-being.

The company announced it was acquiring Within just a day after its rebranding to Meta by Facebook. 

Within was founded in 2015. The company has raised more than $50 million including a $40 million Series A in 2017, with Temasek and Emerson Collective that led the round. Andreessen Horowitz and Emerson Collective were also participating investors.

This acquisition is a smart one as the company seeks to expand its VR ambitions and create a metaverse. Supernatural was also a hot commodity in the last year and a quarter, as more people looked into home workout solutions amid frequent gym closures. 

According to the company, its existing team of managers, coaches and choreographers will continue to work after the acquisition. Meta's Reality Labs division will manage Supernatural.

Technology can transform lives and change habits

Supernatural VR Fitness and Wellness is the complete solution to a healthy lifestyle. From core to cardio to stretching and meditation, there are many ways to express your goals and help you reach them. Supernatural Boxing allows members to "go the extra mile" and offers new challenges and goals for their bodies and minds, as well as a fresh outlook on fitness.

Chris Milk, co-founder and CEO of Supernatural, says that thousands are achieving their fitness goals by seamlessly integrating Supernatural into their lives and creating a routine they love day in and day out. These are just a few examples of the power of a tool that allows people to tap into their inner strength and experience the joy only physical movement can bring.

Supernatural shares many user testimonials from its month-long "Fitness Journey", which asked members to share their personal struggles, strengths, and discoveries that have helped them achieve a new level of fitness.

Supernatural was created for Meta Quest and pairs with smartphones. It offers users the intimacy and guidance that coaches daily workouts, detailed tracking of their fitness, and - thanks to the immersive nature of VR - the chance to exercise in some of the most beautiful places around the globe without ever leaving your home.

Supernatural's Fitness Journey ran from June 15 to July 20, 2020. Supernatural's Fitness Journey featured the Top 10 most inspirational stories. Each winner received a Supernatural accessory kit and a 1-year Supernatural membership. The winners were shared in August and September on the Supernatural Facebook page. This all-inclusive group invites members to share stories, offer encouragement, and interact with Supernatural's coaches.

Supernatural asked its members to share their experiences during the 2020 global pandemic. As many people were forced to shelter in place, and gyms remained closed due to the threat of infection, and Supernatural asked them to share their personal fitness journeys. It is a fitness program that makes use of VR's revolutionary power to make its members happy, inspired, and in the best shape of all their lives.

Chelsea Bonilla didn't push herself to the limit in her exercise routines, as her mind kept telling it. She was stressed out and it was affecting the health of her family. Then she discovered Supernatural. Supernatural was a great workout for a mother of three. She had never done two days at a time before and she managed to complete 60 consecutive days. Chelsea found herself smiling throughout her workouts, sweating more than ever, and pushing herself further than she thought was possible thanks to Supernatural's coaches and the Supernatural fitness app.

Anshel Sag was diagnosed with Covid-19 in March 2020. Three weeks of illness followed by nine days in hospital. He was released to find that he had lost almost 20 pounds, most of which was muscle. Worse, his heart had been damaged. This caused him to have a rapid heart beat and was threatening to have a heart attack. Supernatural was his first choice and he credits it with helping him to get on top of his recovery.

Supernatural provided Anshel with a complete body workout that was unlike any other. It included exercises that helped rebuild his arm, shoulder, and core muscles. He was able to regain his weight and rebuild his heart by eating well and staying healthy. His heart is stronger now that he has been working out nearly every day for the past 3 months.

Kat Zdan started using Supernatural after a series events that threw her life off balance. Kat felt out of her element after losing her mother and herniating her disc. She also had to endure a series miscarriages. Kat was just starting to regain her athleticism when the pandemic struck and shut her off from the outside. Her husband gave her an Oculus Quest for her birthday. She then set her up with Supernatural.

She was sweating, panting and smiling for the first time in years during her first workout. She was able do the workout in her own house, on her terms, with her own limitations and strengths. This allowed her to push herself harder than ever before. Although she feels that she cannot control the world, Supernatural has provided a joyful environment where she can manage how she treats her body. She feels proud and strong and her body is beautiful.

Amy Seto, 48, was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, along with other nerve-related issues. She knew that she needed to be in better shape to keep up with her sons, aged 10, 15, and 17. Supernatural was her first choice to help her stay pain-free, overcome depression and lose weight.

She is now 12lbs lighter and more positive since she started her Supernatural journey. She has been able to travel with her family because of the stamina she gained from Supernatural. She never imagined she would be able to do this in her 40s!

A broader range of membership benefits: Introducing Profiles and Meditation.

Like virtual reality, Supernatural is constantly evolving. The service offers standard features such as personalized, intelligent workouts that are released every day and a growing number of coaches. Recently, it has added a wider range of fitness options, including guided meditations, stretching, and other offerings.

Themed Workouts allow you to feel like an orchestra conductor, taking the center stage at a rock concert, or going back in time to the 80s for a Prom Night. These themed workouts combine the best of virtual reality and all the joy, inspiration, and technique that you get from every Supernatural workout.

Every Supernatural membership includes up to three profiles for no additional cost. This allows people to share their Supernatural membership at home.

Music-Synced Haptics allows users to feel a connection to the music through haptic vibrations. These vibrations are paired with sustained music notes as you move in your Supernatural exercise.

Quick Hits programs are great for those who have limited time and want to get a quick workout.

Meditation in Extraordinary Destinations can also be done by immersing yourself in beautiful locations like the foot of Vestrahorn, Iceland, or the edge of Laguna Torre, Argentina.

You can take a coach along for guided stretching to relax tight muscles.

Supernatural announces Supernatural Boxing: An All-Body Fitness Experience for Home and Beyond

Supernatural's new cardio workout, Supernatural Boxing, was released on October 26, 2021. It joins the company’s extensive range of wellness and fitness experiences designed for Oculus Quest. Supernatural Boxing is designed for explosive aerobic-capacity and core-burning, and clear the mind. It's also compatible with Supernatural's full body cardio workout, Supernatural Flow as well as its guided meditation and coach-led stretching.

Supernatural Boxing offers expertly-coached workouts from "Boxing Basics to "Pros Only" and invites users to punch, block or shuffle to their favorite music. All this while seamlessly and tracking their health without ever leaving their home.

Supernatural Boxing's dynamic roster will lead the way and be supervised by Coach Leanne Pedante, Head of Fitness and Muay Thai.

The following are included in all Supernatural Boxing workouts:

Supernatural offers the largest selection of major-label music in the VR industry, with over 1000 hits Songs from all the top artists. Weekly playlists and songs are added.

Supernatural Boxing offers expert coaching. This creates a one-on-one, one-to-one, trainer-athlete relationship that is unmatched by any other digital at-home fitness product. The cues of coaches are timely and personal. They come from familiar faces members can trust for guidance.

Beginner to advanced members can choose from three levels of intensity: Low, Medium, and High. No matter your skill level or background, there is an effective workout for you.

Dedicated Training and "Boxing Basics". Learn how to throw your jab and cross, hook, uppercut, and block while activating your core and lower body muscles.

Each week there will be three new Supernatural Boxing workouts, and eight at launch. Daily updates of new Supernatural Flow workouts, weekly meditations, and regular stretch sessions will be available.

Personal metrics: Use the Supernatural Companion app for your smartphone to track your workouts, set and smash goals, and follow your friends.

Intelligent Calibration: Supernatural Boxing workouts can be calibrated to each member by mapping and tracking their movement patterns, and then adjusting the program according to their individual range of motion. This is done based on arm spans and preferred depths.

You can pair Supernatural with many fitness-tracking devices. This allows you to visualize and measure your growing work capacity using detailed heart rate data.

Supernatural boxing harnesses the power of virtual reality to offer next-level programming and re-imagining the landscape of connected fitness

Supernatural's cutting-edge technology and its team of experts coaches continue to deliver amazing experiences for members that challenge our beliefs about exercise. Supernatural Boxing instantly transports its members to some of the most stunning locations in the world and then transmits music-sycnhed feedback to its athletes. This creates a fully immersive, transformative and enjoyable fitness program that is both fun and easy to follow.

360 movement, in the form slips, hooks and jab-crosses, will improve agility and balance. It also strengthens and protects the body in all planes of motion, including frontal, transverse, and sagittal.

Supernatural Boxing has dozens of photorealistic locations. Members will be boxing at the Rongbuk Glacier and Mt. Everest, Chichen Itza and Snaefellsjokull Volcano are all included.

Supernatural includes footage from special destinations such as Mars and the Moon, and also real footage from Mars and images from the 1969 moon landing.

Supernatural Boxing now available through the Oculus App.

How much does Supernatural cost?

Supernatural is $179 USD per year or $19 monthly. Get a 30-day trial and a sweat-proof silicone liner for your VR headset.

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