Surgical Theater to Share How Precision VR® Drives Financial Success at HKEX

The CEO and Co-Founder of Surgical Theater, Moty Avisar, will share the value of Precision VR® at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) Biotech Week. HKEX is the fourth largest stock market in the world and the fastest growing stock exchange in Asia.

It provides world-class facilities for trading and clearing securities and derivatives in Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Currency. HKEX provides Surgical Theater with the ideal platform to highlight the proven economic value of Precision VR® and tout the various successes experienced by our hospital partners.

Moty’s presentation will illustrate how Precision VR® can be utilized across the patient care continuum and how that utilization has achieved economic success. In a recent study at Hoag Hospital’s Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program, consultations with patient-specific 360˚ Virtual Reality (360°VR) models enhanced patient engagement as evidenced by increased patient retention rates, improved patient understanding and satisfaction. In a retrospective review of new patients from 9 months prior to VR implementation to 9 months post-VR implementation with patient-specific 360VR models, the patient retention rate increased from 64% to 96% – a 50% increase.

Outmigration rate decreased from 36% to 4% – an 89% decrease. Resultingly, the contribution margin due to implementing Precision VR® increased significantly after VR implementation by 113%. These results were presented at Becker’s Hospital Review in 2018 and HIMMS Annual Meeting in 2019.

Surgical Theater is the market leader in virtual and augmented reality healthcare services. Our Precision VR® platform combines this cutting-edge fighter jet flight simulation technology, with a patient’s own anatomy. Precision VR® environments are rendered from comprehensive, combined modalities of CT and MRI, as well as advanced post processing images such as DTI and BOLD.

The 360° virtual reality fly-through is designed to allow patients and their surgeons to step into the patient’s complex diagnosis and to walk together in a 360-degree, Virtual Reality reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy. This first-of-its-kind immersive 360-degree environment allows for unparalleled patient education and engagement, while also delivering next-generation surgical planning and navigation capabilities. Precision VR® is proven to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient engagement, and improve a hospital’s financial performance.

“Precision VR® provides 360-degree images that allow patients and surgeons to walk inside the CT and MRI –which has been proven to provide better communication of medical information between surgeons and patients and surgeons and their peers,” says Moty Avisar, CEO and Co-Founder of Surgical Theater. “This ‘walk-in’ experience leads to increased retention, reduced outmigration, and ultimately a more fruitful bottom line.”

Medical Institutions across the country, including George Washington University Hospital, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Stanford Medical Center, Houston Methodist, NYU, University Hospitals, Mt. Sinai and Hoag Hospital are utilizing Surgical Theater’s Precision VR® throughout the patient treatment continuum.

About Surgical Theater
Surgical Theater, the market leader in virtual and augmented reality healthcare services, is the first to combine cutting-edge fighter jet flight simulation technology with a patient’s own anatomy scans. Rendered from comprehensive combined modalities of CT, MRI as well as advanced post processing images such as DTI and BOLD, the 360° virtual reality fly-through is designed to allow surgeons to walk and fly-through a reconstruction of the patient’s own anatomy and pathology. While wearing the VR headset, a VR-empowered physician and patient, walk together into the space between vascular structures, standing between the arteries and the tumor, or aneurysm. By simply turning their head from side to side and/or up and down, the patient can further explore their own anatomy, as the surgeon explains and demonstrates the planned surgical path that the medical team will use during their procedure. This 360° visual representation gives the patient and their families an informative and deep understanding of their condition, by visually answering questions regarding surgical approaches and other medical concerns.

Recent developments of the Surgical Theater line of products includes the utilization of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) techniques. By fusing Surgical Theater’s proprietary CT/MRI based 360°degree patient-specific model with the image from the operating room microscope, synchronized Augmented Reality is achieved, which allows the surgeon to see structures that are hidden behind the pathology. For example, the surgeon can see the vessel that is hidden behind the tumor, and therefore can prepare to protect it during tumor removal, potentially preventing adverse effects. SynchronizAR, a one-of-a-kind solution, supports a surgeon’s challenging and complex mission to remove the pathology while preserving the peripheral vital structures.

Precision VR® is proven to increase patient satisfaction, improve patient engagement, surgical plans and a hospital’s financial performance

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