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Enjoy Swim With Dolphins Virtual 360 Video & Help Save Dolphins By RYOT News

According to RYOT News, over 5,000 dolphins were captured in the last 30 years, not to mentioned dolphins killed around the world.

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Dolphins are among the most intelligent mammals in the world, the way dolphins navigate using sonar waves to detect distance and objects are still unknown mystery to men!


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There are recorded records that dolphins had saved people who were drowning in the ocean and attacking sharks. If you simply search “dolphin saves man”, you will find tons of evidence, that dolphins are among our dearest friends!


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According to RYOT News, over half of all these captured dolphins will die within two years of captivity. Ryot News launched “Swimming With Wild Dolphin VR” 360 video to assist Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project to stop dolphin killing and exploitation.

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Simple Guide on How To Watch and Interact W/ YouTube 360 Degree Video

From computer

YouTube supports playback of 360 videos from the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Safari is not supported.

From mobile and tablets

To watch and interact with YouTube 360 videos, be sure to you have updated your device with the latest version of the app. For viewing YouTube videos, you will want to copy the video title name. Then open the YouTube app, and paste into the search box.

For an immersive experience, you can watch 360 degree videos with Cardboard via the YouTube app. Once the 360 video is launched, simply click the Cardboard icon on the lower right corner and insert phone into the Cardboard.


The Wild Dolphin 360 video is the part of The Dolphin Project, taking place at a small Bahamian island of North Bimini. RYOT News had teamed up Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project to bring these amazing and adorable creatures into a virtual 360 video.



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The dolphin 360 video was captured using Gopro waterproof camera rig! Image Source: RYOT behind the scene video

Excerpt From RYOT News

Leaving the marina, we sailed past deserted private islands, untouched reefs and amazing shallow wrecks to find the resident pod. We found them – at least 50 of them – about five miles north of the island playing in shallow water, about 30 feet deep. As we approached, they curiously swam towards us, played in the wake of our boat, and several of them swam off the front of the bow.


Once we knew it was safe, we donned our masks and fins and jumped into the water. While swimming, immersed in the pod, curious youngsters would swim alongside protective elders with their excited pink bellies to check us out. It was evident that wild dolphins are free to make their own choices about when and where to interact.


There was no fear. No aggression. Only a mutual curiosity. At one point, I was able to dive down towards the sea floor and found myself embraced in a swirl of Spotted Dolphins. On my way up to the surface, several made eye to eye contact with me.


Scientists at Emory University performed brain scans on dolphin species and found that the cerebral cortex and the neocortex of bottlenose dolphins were so large that dolphins’ cognitive capacity is second only to humans.

Friends who had swimming with wild dolphins in the sea told me it is the most magical experience he ever had! Now Swimming With Wild Dolphin VR 360 video is enabling us to experience how it feels like swimming with these friendly and playful dolphins immersively!

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