Sync, Remote Control and Prepare VR headsets with Headjack Operator

The Headjack Operator tablet app was developed to serve a number of use cases every 360 video production studio encounters at some point. Whether you need to play your content in sync on 100 headsets for a screening, prepare multiple headsets for a custom museum exhibit or you need to run a VR cinema at a high traffic event or expo, Headjack Operator is designed to do all of that and more!

Over the last couple of years we carefully optimized our playback syncing algorithm to make sure everything keeps running smooth as butter even when network conditions are poor or users take off their headset for some reason. You decide what connected headsets are watching and you can monitor them in real-time.

Although Operator can serve multiple purposes it is designed with simplicity in mind, just connect your tablet and VR headsets to the same WiFi network and you are ready to host your first viewing.

Download on this page.

Author: VR Reporter

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