Tafi Solution is Democratizing Avatar & Character Creation Process

The digital space is continually changing the way we express ourselves and identify. Customers want digital representations that reflect their unique digital identities as the physical and digital worlds become increasingly intertwined. Our virtual identities are central to our identity in the metaverse, whether we're playing video games or attending video conferences. Tafi, a pioneer in 3D avatar and character solutions is leading this revolution.

Tafi's Astra SDK allows developers to create and monetize full-body 3D avatars for apps and games.

Tafi's SDK allows avatars and video games to be integrated into multiple platforms, including video conferencing, mobile streaming, social media and companion apps. This allows game characters and content seamless travel beyond the game.

The SDK features a cutting-edge character creation and customization technology that is fully compatible with streaming, on-demand and run-time. It also includes a large 3D content library, and an out of the box monetization engine that allows for in-game or in-app purchases. The Tafi SDK can be used by developers to create applications, games, or the next big 3D world.

Tafi's Astra SDK key features

Tafi's mission aims to make it easier for customers and developers to access personalized avatars and other digital content in virtual worlds. Tafi's Astra SDK makes it easy to create and monetize custom avatars with just a few lines code.

Astra makes it easy to create content using tools artists already know such as Max and Maya, Blender. Substance, ZBrush and Substance. Once the information is set up about the asset, the content can be processed and uploaded to Tafi's servers.

This allows instant streaming to any app. Artists and developers can quickly create, ship, and monetize their work without the need to test and rollout new applications or games. This speeds up development and opens up new revenue streams for digital goods.

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