Penghu Launches Blue Cave VR Experience

Taiwan's Penghu County government has launch a new virtual reality experience the provide people the opportunity to enjoy the splendid "Blue Cave" in the Penghu Marine Geopark in Magong.

According to the Department of Tourism, the Blue Cave is located on the coast of the uninhabited Xiji Islet approximately 35 kilometers south of Magong. The Blue Cave was formed through natural erosion and is part of the South Penghu Marine National Park.

Due to prior accidents of tourist being swept away by unstable ocean currents, all visitors must apply for permit to visit the islet. Those who do not comply with the restrictions will be find $1 million NTD, and be jailed for up to 5 years.

Since it's difficult to actually visit the site, to make things easier for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Blue Cave, the geopark's visitor center designed an area within the center to recreate the cave.

Two VR headsets are now available for visitors to see the Blue Cave in virtual reality.

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