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Tesla Suit Launched On Kickstarter – Feel What You Play In VR Gaming

Tesla Suit enables users to interact with virtual environment and actually “feeling” it. With sensors and haptic feedback abilities, Tesla Studios, a Scotland based VR startup behind the he project is aiming to provide a realistic VR experience!


Teslasuit is a tactile suit for virtual reality. It is based on electro muscular stimulation technology, that performs a dual role as a tactile smart textile suit with temperature control. Incorporating up to 52 channels it stimulates sensations in the skin through tiny electric pulses.

haptic touch


Teslasuit delivers the wearer a sense of being touched and other sensations in the virtual world. From the warm breeze of a summer’s day to the sudden impact of a bullet, the sensation of touch will be realised without vibration or noise in a textile that is not bulky or intrusive and can be worn like normal clothing.

tesla suit spec


Teslasuit is completely wireless and compatible with existing virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus, Google Glass and META Space Glasses, as well as game consoles (PSP, Xbox), PCs/Macs, tablets and smartphones.


The potential applications for this technology encompass gaming, virtual dating, health & well being, education and virtual technologies, sport and fitness, science and engineering, psychology and real life simulations. The first person who had a chance to try Tesla Studios new technology was Sarah Cox. Teslasuit took part in a documentary for Watch TV.



tesla suit dk kickstarter

Tesla Suit DK Launched On Kickstarter

Teslasuit DK – the suit for virtual reality has been launched on Kickstarter on January 1st, 2016, check out the Tesla Suit on Kickstarter page! The Teslasuit Development Kit will start shipping in September 2016.


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