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Tesla Suit Provides Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Body Experience

Tesla Suit enables users to interact with virtual environment and actually “feeling” it. With sensors and haptic feedback abilities, Tesla Studios, a Scotland based VR startup behind the he project is aiming to provide a realistic VR experience!

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Tesla Suit prototype is designed and built with a full array of haptic feedback sensors. The main component of the suit is the wireless “T-Belt”, which is the control unit. It is packed with motion tracking sensor and temperature sensor.


tesla suit t-glove motion sensor

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T-Glove is another eye-opener, looking like something out of Terminator and Sci-fi movie. It provides users with ability to interact with virtual objects.


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Tesla Suit enables you to feel virtual reality, whether it’s a punch from your opponent from a VR fighting game, or walking within a virtual environment and feeling the active moment.


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Tesla Suit will be able to capture and track precise motion change and provide accurate haptic feedback accordingly! The suit is compatible with PC, mobile devices, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Project Morpheus.


The launch date, price of suit, and its separate components has yet been confirmed. According to the team, Tesla Suit is modular and customizable. Users can purchase the suit with fully-loaded parts or customize with different and separate parts.



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