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TG0 launches etee: the new effortless way to explore VR

“etee – the first full finger control and proximity, touch, gesture and pressure sensing VR controller – will be on sale from April 2nd”

Tactile control specialist TG0 has unveiled etee, a groundbreaking new VR controller delivering more mesmerising VR experiences through patented finger sensing technology. With etee, VR gamers can immerse themselves in new worlds using all of their fingers simultaneously. Unlike other controllers, etee allows gamers to control their VR experiences via a full spectrum of movements such as proximity, touch, gesture and pressure.

Check out the demo video here

etee controllers are wireless, lightweight, durable and designed to be worn on the hand for long periods. An ergonomic form, patented technology and long lasting battery make it the ideal controller for scenarios including VR and AR and conventional gaming, drone flying, home device activation and multiple Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

TG0 will be selling etee controllers for the first time during a one-month Kickstarter campaign launching on April 2nd. The page is now live at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tg0/etee-complete-control-in-3d

“VR games need a controller that moves beyond the stale, TV remote-like devices that are prevalent today,” said etee designer Mick Lin.

“etee takes us away from binary button commands into a new world of gesture, grip and touch-based controls. It delivers richer, more mesmerising interactions: the experience gamers deserve.”

While VR and AR gaming and training has advanced massively in a short period of time, existing controllers have retained an old-fashioned button-led design that has barely evolved from the games controllers of yesteryear.

Unlike legacy controllers, etee delivers on:

  • Full finger sensing and gestural control
  • Lightweight – 120g for the SteamVR version makes it the lightest VR controller
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Sweat, dust and water-proof for improved hygiene and reliability
  • Long battery life (16 hours standby, up to 6h active)
  • Thumb trackpad to simulate joystick
  • Ergonomic, intuitive design
  • Proximity, touch, gesture and pressure sensing
  • No buttons for a more natural experience
  • Simplified product user interface

Designed to be as cosy and comfortable as a cardigan, etee hugs the hands and allows users to forget they’re even wearing a controller. etee is easy to slip on and off in seconds and a simple cylindrical shape couples freeform design with robust sensing. The end result for users is a controller they can wear rather than hold, and a more engaging, fully-realised experience no matter what the end application.

Jakub Kamecki, etee’s Head of Business Development, said: “I’ve never seen someone pick up an etee controller and fail to be wowed.

“We want to share this technology and to build a community, not only of gamers but of developers, innovators and inventors.”

etee controllers are equipped with:

  • Thumb trackpad
  • Free hand design
  • Open palm gesture sensing for all fingers
  • RGB colour LED
  • State-of-the-art haptic feedback
  • USB Type C ports
  • Bluetooth and WiFi communication

Full technical specifications are available on request. Interested parties can stay updated by following the etee Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tg0/etee-complete-control-in-3d

Jakub said: “We’ve felt for a long time that etee is the future of VR control. Now we’re going to make it so.”

For more information, please contact:

Jakub Kamecki


About etee

etee controllers simplify and enhance VR and AR experiences by bringing human intuition to the fore. etee’s buttonless, built-in sensor surface captures finger proximity, touch, pressure and combined gestures. This allows users to immerse themselves in the digital world and forget about controllers altogether. With a lightweight and sweat-proof body, etee is durable and comfortable, and can be slipped on and off in seconds. etee is the controller of choice for those seeking mesmerising, seamless, and simple experiences.

About TG0

TG0 is the team behind etee. TG0 is an IP-focused start-up commercialising a platform technology to create novel tactile control products. TG0 works with partners and clients, including leading brands and manufacturers in the consumer and automotive sectors. TG0 is a diverse team passionate about creating products that people have never seen before, with effortless and elegant manufacturing.

To find out more, visit tg0.co.uk.

Message from Ming Kong, CEO and TG0 Co-founder

TG0 was founded based on a shared vision that we will one day create our own branded product powered by the technology we developed throughout the years. For more than 2 years time, our team worked tirelessly on identifying a problem, developing a new solution and designing and communicating a product, which took us where we are at today with etee. Due to COVID-19, we considered delaying or even cancelling the campaign. However, our team have again shown incredible passion and perseverance powering through the difficulties of working in isolation and have delivered a full and appealing campaign. At this time, we believe it is the best that we do our job without concerns and fears, and hopefully bring our customers a sense of normalcy.

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