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The Crazy Immersive World of Virtual Reality Sex

Prague, Czech Republic. The late afternoon summer sun reflects off the windows of the gothic buildings opposite, as 10 partially naked 20-somethings gather on a balcony engaging in sex acts and smoking cigarettes with the sort of free abandon you’d only find in Europe.

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A heavily tattooed guy and a bare-chested woman are precariously perched on the railing chuffing away, as the guy receives oral pleasure from a girl with an elaborate back tattoo.

I lurk in the corner fully immersed in the scene.

However, rather than being turned on by the action that is happening literally in front of my eyes, I’m thinking, get down off that ledge you bloody idiots, one unexpected blow and you’ll go tumbling to your death!

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I’d warn them, but they won’t hear me, as I’m not really at a Czech orgy but enclosed in a virtual reality world inside an Oculus Go headset ($319) which has taken high resolution VR viewing to a whole new affordable level.

Virtual Sex is the Real Thing: Sex Like Real

Now you may be thinking, how on earth did you find yourself at a virtual reality orgy? Well, I’m road testing an app called Sex Like Real, which claims to be the Netflix of virtual reality porn.

The platform features over 6000 VR films from the 75 different VR major porn studios and websites such as VRBangers, JustVRPorn, WankzVR.

Inside the computer strapped to my head, there is a literal wall of VR porn flicks in every genre imaginable from kinky, hardcore and Japanese to orgy, Czech horror porn (ask me later!) and BDSM. It certainly adds a whole new virtual reality dimension to the term “Netflix and chill”.

I’ve dropped into a Czech swingers’ party, so I thought I’d stick around, as I’d always been curious what happened at an orgy.

The 17-minute film started unceremoniously enough with two girls in sneakers engaging in a spot of oral sex. The immersive quality of the Oculus Go is so good, I can see the denuded folds of skin so close up, it’s as if I’ve just performed a Brazilian wax.

I turn my head to observe the contents of the coffee table that separates the girls from another copulating couple. It is littered with empty champagne glasses and half a dozen cans of Red Bull. Somebody is obviously buzzing their boobs off!

I spot a Louis Vuitton handbag with a G-string carelessly discarded on top of it beneath the table. I use the zoom-in feature to ascertain the bag is probably a fake.

hot vr pornstar


Just like in the past with the internet, VR technology is being driven by the adult industry, which has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Webcams, e-commerce and streaming were the result of pornographers’ problem-solving abilities.

So, what makes VR porn different from its 2D predecessor? Well, VR technology takes you from being a voyeur to becoming a participant. Instead of watching as a passive observer from a distance, with one click, you are dropped directly inside the fully immersive scene.

The performers interact with the camera, so it is as if they’re communicating directly with you.

The experience is a million miles away from watching Pornhub, due to the fact when you look down, you can inhabit the body of a performer. Seeing the majority of porn is made with men in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed the odd experience of one having a massive (yeah, I’m bragging) appendage.

However, within the Sex Like Real app, there’s also a woman’s point of view category, where you inhabit the body of a whippet thin female performer to indulge in a threesome with two hot guys or kinky lesbian scene with a latex-clad performer and her sex slave.

Ultimately though, it’s supposed to come down to your imagination, as the idea is that you stimulate yourself at the same time as watching the films.

However, there was nothing stimulating about being in the bathroom at the orgy and seeing that one of the performers has left the loo seat up. I blame the guy banging a busty girl, whose breasts were bouncing inches from my face.

It felt claustrophobic, so I adjusted the height setting with the small handheld Oculus Go remote that directs all the action on the app. Suddenly, there was a perspective shift, and I was focused on the beads of sweat on the male performer’s grunting face. I’m not sure which view was worse.


The next scene featured a lusty couple banging on a bed like no one was watching them. It was the perfect opportunity to play with a whole bunch of advanced settings to zoom in, change the angle, even flip between the bodies of the male and female performers.

Then a guy complete with a chiselled six-pack who bore a striking resemblance to Drake, including wearing a Drizzy-style beanie, boned a moaning woman with athletic abandon. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, there’s an all-girl-threesome, getting naughty to I’m So Fancy by Iggy Azalea.

The final scene is an ensemble piece as the entire cast get together for a mass love in. As I watched, I was waiting for one of them to point directly at me and ask, “Does anybody know who that woman is? She’s been watching our every move, and she’s creeping me out.”

Yeah, me too.

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