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The Last Starfighter Getting A Virtual Reality Boost From SurrealTV

30 years after its debut in 1984, cult classic gamer sci-fi film “The Last Starfighter” is being remade as new a TV series, dubbed The Starfighter Chronicles: The Last Starfighter. The Last Starfigher, a Nick Castle film, is about a teenage boy named Alex Rogan, who is a gamer, got sent to the outer space to fight aliens in an intergalactic war!


virtual reality tv series original writer Jonathan R. Betuel.


According to Variety, even director Steven Spielberg‘s bid to redirect the classic blockbuster was rejected by original writer Jonathan R. Betuel.


The Starfighter Chronicles is not going to be an ordinary remake, Betuel plans to use virtual reality technology and make it VR experience to be viewed on VR headsets!


surrealtv  Jonathan R. Betuel.

vr headset


Betuel is collaborating with virtual reality company, an immersive entertainment company that specializes in virtual reality content production, to produce virtual reality content for the remake.


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surrealtv immerisve entertainment company


“We are doing it again, and it’s just as exciting,I don’t want to wait five years again.” said Andy Vick, CCO of SurealTV.


“It’s a very interesting blend. The otherworldliness of it lends itself to VR (virtual reality).” Betuel tells Variety


According to Variety, the remake TV series will not continue the original story of Alex Rogan, but instead will be a brand new series of stories about alien law enforcement.


VR headsets watch The Starfighter Chronicles


Audiences would be able to watch “The Starfighter Chronicles” on TV, via streaming service, or on a VR headset to enjoy an immersive viewing experience! The exact launch date for The Starfighter Chronicles has yet to be confirmed.


Content & Image Source: Variety, IGN, Contact Music, Slash Film, SurrealTV


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