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The VOID Theme Park: Future of Immersive Virtual Reality + Physical Reality Gaming Experience

The future of immersive gaming and entertainment is here! A Salt Lake City, Utah based virtual reality startup company The VOID VR has released an exciting pitch demo video on May 4th on The Void’s official Youtube channel.




“Our technology allows us to create the illusion that the player is exploring miles of terrain or incredibly tall structures without ever leaving our game pod. The end result is a physical connection to the virtual world and a sense of exploration never before possible.” By The VOID


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The VOID VR News Update

The VOID CTO James Jensen said during a live episode of Gunters Universe #13:



” We’re already looking at land in 10 other locations, so once we get our beta center open, we’re going to immediately start building [them]. We’re hoping to get about 230 locations across the US and internationally within the next 5 years.”


national geographic channel vr

National Geographic is one of the few TV network and channel that I truly admire, hope the collaboration deal works out!


According to Road to VR, the The VOID is talking to National Geographic, James Jensen said:


” We’re actually signing a deal with national geographic to do some experiences for them… [the possibilities are] endless, you can go to depths of the ocean, go to Atlantis, see crazy sea monsters at the bottom of the ocean. They were talking about maybe doing an experience where you’re jumping through portals and visiting all kinds of different places across the world, which would be kind of a cool experience, and release for our premier next year.”


the void cto james jensen

CTO James Jensen in The VOID’s own Rapture Suit! ( Image Source: The VOID Instagram )

Moving Towards the Future of Entertainment Interview W/ CTO James Jensen By Digital Culture LA

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virtual reality environment

the void virtual gaming

The Void combines physical and virtual gaming, and what you get is an unprecedented realistic virtual gaming experience!


the void virtual entertainment centre

The VOID Virtual Entertainment Centers: Virtual Reality Theme Park

Essentially, The VOID is blending physical reality with virtual reality, and is building a physical environment, a virtual reality theme park, dubbed “Virtual Entertainment Centers” to work with the virtual environment that shows in user’s field of view on their VR headset ( HMD ). The VOID is in partnership with partnerships with UNITY 3D, Evermore, and Optimal Design.


the rapture gun and vr suit

The VOID’s own Rapture Gun!


And according to The VOID CTO James Jensen, the VOID entertainment center will be open 24/7! This is super cool, if we are bored at night, we can just go to the center and play all night long! I mean, who needs a girlfriend when we can play fully immersive VR games!!!


The VOID: The Ultimate Realistic VR Gaming Experience

The VOID gaming experience will last at least 30 minutes, the first “The VOID Virtual Reality Entertainment Center” @ Salt Lake City, Utah will have seven 60 x 60 foot spaces, each room will have each own layout and is module. Th capacity for each room is to accommodate up to 10 players at once!


seven 60 by 60 foot room the void

The wall in each room are removable and module! Image: Washington Post


The Void is taking on different concept than majority of virtual gaming equipment such as a virtual treadmill simulator, which you must stay and move inside the treadmill as the base scrolls.


In The Void’s virtual world, users will be explore, battle, fight and warder through deep jungle, war-zone, other planet with robots and aliens, and the darkest dungeons with fierce, fire-breathing dragon!


The Void’s advanced virtual reality technologies enable users to enjoy and participate in physical and virtual gaming at the same time. Physical equipment such as a gun controller that will be shown as a futuristic laser gun and a box-like device that will be shown as a candle lantern in user’s virtual field of view!


Rapture Gaming Equipment

The Rapture Virtual Gaming Equipment

The Rapture Virtual Reality Gaming Equipment

In The Void, you can play alone or you can team up with friends. Wearing The Void’s very own “Rapture” virtual reality equipment, including Rapture Head Mounted Display ( HMD), Rapture Glove ( enable users to have a virtual view of their hands ), Rapture Vest ( will respond when you’ve been hit or attacked ).


The Body Tracking Challenge In The VOID

Ken Bretschneider told Washington Post, that his body-tracking system is a work in progress, and the hardest challenge. The Void’s body-tracking system relies on sensors with microprocessors built in to crunch data. That will speed up the whole operation.The computers that run the experience need to constantly know the exact position of a player’s head and hands. If a player suddenly jumps, or sprints down a hallway, the video feed will need to keep up to preserve the reality of the experience, and prevent the player from getting nausea. ( via Washington Post )


The Rapture Glove

the void vr hmd head mounted display

The VOID’s Rapture VR Headset

The Void’s Rapture VR headset has a curvy-screen, according to Ken Bretschneider, the headset’ll expand the players’ field of view ( FOV ). The VOID team is aiming to provide a 160-180 degrees field of view.

virtual environment kat vr chinese vr startup

Dual High-Density Curved OLED Displays (1080p per-eye beginning resolution).

Quantum Dots (nearly doubling perceived resolution & color range).

Custom Optics (our own proprietary lens-in-lens design).

High-Quality THX Headphones (featuring in-game binaural sound design).

Super-Gain Inline Microphones (for in-game communications).

Proprietary Global Head Tracking Sensors (running at 120Hz providing sub-millimeter accuracy).

The Rapture HDM vr

the void 2 seats simulator

vr motion simulator 2 seats game

The Rapture Simulator

In order to make the virtual experience even more realistic, The Void’s physical gaming environment is enhanced with special effects and additional equipment such as smokes and a two-seat hi-tech simulator!

Ken Bretschneider the void ceo

The VOID CEO: Ken Bretschneider

The VOID CEo Ken Bretschneider is man with big VR vision and dream! Bretschneider who leads a 30+ people strong The VOID Team, had pour $13 Milliion of his own $$$ to make his VR and The VOID come true. Below are his quote from an interview with Washington Post.


“If we want an area to feel like a metal surface, it can feel like metal, if we want it to be organic, and we want it to feel like a cave wall, we can make it feel like a cave wall.”


“There isn’t any way to be able to go out and create the full potential of virtual reality in the home market, it became really apparent to me that we needed to build a facility where people could come to and not have to worry about hooking up virtual reality, making it work and trying to run around inside their house.”


immersive vr gaming environment

In reality you are doing this, and you would be like the image below in the immersive VR environment!



According to The Void, the Virtual Entertainment Centre will open its door in 2016. The first Virtual Entertainment Centers will be in Utah, and future plans to open in more states across U.S., South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The price to enter and play in the theme park has not been disclosed. If there is any news, we will keep you informed.


realistic immersive virtual reality game the void

For the first time, reality is combined and work seamlessly with virtual reality, and it has never been so good!


The VOID Demo video looks extremely promising as The Void project seems to have successfully combined devices and objects in physical reality that works perfectly with virtual reality imagery, visual and environment!


gaming center 24/7 the void

It takes an entire to provide The VOID visitors a fully immersive gaming experience that play with all 5 of your senses! The team use air spray to enhance the experience!


If The Void Theme park really live up to its promising video demo, and is truly as good as it’s shown, it’s would be like a wet dream comes true for gamers, laser-tag players, survival game enthusiasts, digital nerds, sci-fi fans, Starwar fans and Star Trek fans alike! We are definitely among them and looking forward for its debut in 2016!


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