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The VR Den: Virtual Reality Enthusiasts Dream Space

The VR Den in Melbourne, Australia is a hangout space built for developers and anyone who wants to experience virtual and augmented reality but cannot afford the equipment and devices. The man behind the idea and project is Sana Nolan, a tech savvy geek who and team had hosted numbers of virtual reality expo and events, including:

  • Backlot Theatre preshow Horror Experience
  • GO Festival 2014 – VR Experience
  • Samsung Island VR Bike Ride Experience
  • Bupa Challenge “Santos Tour Down Under” Experience
  • GO Festival 2015 – Gaming Zone


The VR Den Sponsors

The VR Den Sponsors. Image Source: Indiegogo


Sana Nolan has teamed up with Revolver Creative to make this project happen, the idea behind The VR Den is provide a home and hangout space for cutting edge virtual reality technology.


A space for people who are involved and interested in virtual and augmented reality to mingle and experience the newest equipment, software, app and devices for a small admission fee, or users can join their member and team based program which would be more economical for long term usage.


the vr den virtual pin ball machine

See that pin ball machine on the left corner, its virtual pin ball by Infinity Amusement ya!


virtual pin ball infinity amusement

virtual pin ball machine by Ifinity Amusement

The VR Den Offers Wide Range of Virtual Reality Equipment & Devices for Your Pleasure

The VR Den debuted and first opened its door to public in Melbourne on March 30, 2015. The Current available virtual reality equipment and HMD are as follows:


  • 3 x Oculus Rift DK2 Virtual Reality headsets
  • 1 x Samsung Gear VR
  • 2 x Gaming Grade PC’s
  • Next Level Racing motion simulator with swappable Logitech G25 racing controls or the Thrustmaster A-10 Warthog HOTAS.
  • Static simulator with Thrustmaster HOTAS-X or Saitek Yoke/Pedal flight controls. Suitable for flight experiences and non-interactive experiences (ie rollercoasters, ghost trains)
  • A boat load of software
  • Microsoft Kinect V1 with various cloud-point scanning programs
  • Leap Motion tracking sensor
  • 6 x 1080p action cams for 3D or 360 video recording




Sana Nolan has started a campaign on Indiegogo, take a look here. For $50-$300 AUD, backers will obtain access time and privilege to play and hangout in The VR Den. We are very tempted but we live far aboard…

The VR Den Will Be Adding New Equipment With Your Backing From Indiegogo

The VR Den is looking to add the following virtual reality equipment and devices in the next 6 months.

  • Virtuix Omni VR treadmill
  • Sixense STEM full body tracking
  • More cloud-point recording software and hardware solutions
  • A few super special secrets. We’d tell you, but we’d have to kill you.

The VR Den is a brilliant idea as it is a permanent space. Although there are always numerous meetup, VR events and VR Expos going on, but having a permanent space would be the best way to cultivate a growing and sustainable community for developers and virtual reality enthusiasts alike.


Since we don’t live in Australia, we are going to back $5 AUD for The VR Den’s Indiegogo Campaign, simply showing our genuine support, if you love virtual reality and support the idea of creating and providing a community-based space, we urge you to do the same!


Source: Indiegogo,



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