Three Digit Studios Releases Your Journey From Home

Three Digit Studios has just released Your Journey Home, for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and any headset that allows 360 video. It will be available for download at

Your Journey Home is a VR experience like no other. In a mysterious white desert, you are placed face to face with the moments before your death. Tied to the ground, you have nothing to do but ponder and look upon the ominous man walking towards you with his sword. It’s an experience, a meditation, a piece of art that is sure to stir your imagination.

Your Journey Home is a digital download and depending on what type of headset you will be using there will be some setup required, it has a runtime of roughly five and a half minutes. details about the setup will be included with each download. Your Journey Home is intended to be a meditation so it is suggested that the user begin the experience in a quiet place sitting in a cross legged position. No controller required, hit play, sit back and watch.

Quote from creator Cole Higgins, “This story came to me in a flash and I knew that I simply had to make it.” Quote from creator Cole Higgins, “VR is a brand new way to tell stories, it has the unique ability to drop one’s entire being into a world. I want build worlds and stories that touch people’s souls.”

Three Digit Studios is a fast growing company with exciting experiences on the horizon. The Way: Age of Darkness is a an instagram graphic novel that plans to integrate VR in the future, check it out on instagram @thewaycomic. Sign up for Three Digit Studios email list and be the first to hear about exciting new content.

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