Tile Brush Co-Founder Patrick Hackett Leaves Google to New Project with I-llusion Studio

Patrack Hackett, the co-creator of world’s first VR painting app Tilt Brush, posted a Tweeter feed during last week stating that he will quit working for Google and start a new project withI-llusions studio.

The studio behind legendary VR shooter game the “Space Pirate Trainer“. Here is a gameply demo of Space Pirate Trainer:


Tilt Brush, a groundbreaking VR painting application created by Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman. The app was acquired by Google back in 2015, and launched it with a Tilt Brush event in San Francisco in 2016, to showcase the app and some impressive creatives by different artists.


Patrick Hackett stated the followings in his Tweeter feed:

Today is my last day at Google. (!!!)

Next week I’m starting work with


and the


crew on a very, very special VR thing.

I’ll be independent again, so would love to hear if you’ve got a rad project you want to collaborate on.

2021, let’s get it!!

In the Tweeter feed, Hackett stated that after his departure from Google, he will stay independent and is welcoming new projects and collaborations. Also that he will be working with the Dirk Van Welden and the I-Illusion Studio Team to create something unique with virtual reality. Dirk Van Welden and his team is the creator of the VR shooter game classic title Space Pirate Training.

After Google had announced shutting down Poly in December 2020, the virtual content hosting platfom, where Tilt Brush content was hosted. Google is seem to be withdrawing its resource and funds in VR investment and ventures, and is having less and less presence in the global VR landscape.

Drew Skellman, another half of the Tilt Brush founding duo stays with Google, but is currently involving with other projects. The future of Tilt Brush had not been addressed and is unclear at this time.


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