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Tilt Brush Virtual Reality Painting Exhibition Report

The world’s first ever virtual reality art exhibition was held last weekend @ Grand Theatre on Mission Street, San Francisco organized by the founders of Tilt Brush, Drew Skillman and Patrick Hackett who joined forces with Stefano Corazza (event Creative Director) and Olia Pospelova (production).


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Tilt Brush Event Captured on 360 Video

Virtual Reality Reporter team gave a first try to capture a VR event on 360 video, we used a GoPro 360 video camera sponsored and stitched by VRIDEO ( Vrideo has been shut down, so here is related info on this page. It was fun, but at the same time, we realized it is not as easy as it looks!

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Tilt Brush, a game changing virtual reality application was the winner of the “Best GUI” at the 2014 Proto Awards. Google acquired Tilt Brush back in April, 2015.


title brush painting exhibition san francisco

The user interface is really user-friendly and intuitive according to 3D artist Akin and Tilt Brush co-founder, Drew Skillman



I can definitely foresee Tilt Brush’s potential as game changer that provides new ways to create virtual reality content. The attendees displayed amazed reactions as they view virtual art works on the Oculus DK2 goggles from the eight demo stations.





The glowing and flowing art work created by Tilt Brush is alive in 3D, changing shapes and forms in ways similar to a live animation.


tilt brush painting art

The lines of this particular virtual painting was actually moving rapidly, seeing artist painting live is super exciting!


For examples, Tilt Brush can enable artists to create animated virtual art such as fluffy clouds dropping rain, stars twinkle in the nightfall sky, and waterfall flowing down a cliff.




Everything created by Tilt Brush is floating in a 3D virtual space and environment. With Oculus DK2’s integrated positional tracking, audience can move behind a painted tree or stand under a cloud with raindrops falling overhead.



virtual painting vr

We love this Roy Lichtenstein inspired virtual painting!



The user interface is quite amazing. An extremely user-friendly virtual touch pad floats in the corner within the virtual environment, and it remains hidden when the user is painting. The touch pad only appears when user scroll or swing their controller to the side, very clever design!

Inventor, Founder / Patrick Hackett

Patrick is co-creator of Tilt Brush. Former Future Tech department Double Fine. Follow Patrick’s Twitter: @playmorevgames

Inventor, Founder / Drew Skillman

Drew Skillman is co-creator of Tilt Brush, Technical Artist and Visual Artist. Drew builds games, art & social interactions for the next generation of interactive entertainment. Drew Skillman website: https://drewskillman.com/

Event Creative Director: Stefano Corazza

Stefano is a 3D animation artist. He is also the former CEO of Mixamo, now at Adobe. Official website: http://www.stefanocorazza.org/

Lead Producer: Olia Pospelova

Olia is a tech-loving Sociocultural Anthropologist, Environmental Scientist, and a Craftswoman. https://twitter.com/OliaPospelova



Surprisingly, as we chatted with co-founder Draw Skillman, he told us that Tilt Brush was a beautiful accident while the team was working on an AR prototype. Sometimes miracle happens by accident.


HTC Vive headset controller tilt brush

HTC Vive headset and controller were used in the live demo


At the exhibition, several artists went on stage to demonstrate what it is like to paint with Tilt Brush. A HTC Vive developer edition headset and two hand-held controllers were used, and the only thing required is your wildest imagination and creativity!


Still life painting using Tilt Brush, as you can see Tilt Brush can also be use to paint intricate objects in details

Still life painting using Tilt Brush, as you can see Tilt Brush can also be use to paint intricate objects in details


When asked about how steep is the learning curve for Tilt Brush?

Drew The user interface is intuitive….we want everyone to have fun and start drawing and painting, just like when we were kids again; think about those paintings from Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” show, that’s our concept!”


When I was inside the virtual environment created by Tilt Brush, as I looked around and trying to discover what’s in the virtual space, it really feels like I was immersed in a story told by the painter.


Imagine how amazing it would be if in the future, users can even interact with the objects floating in the virtual environment and co-create or edit a virtual reality painting with the artist in real-time and make each painting a never ending story.


The participated artists and their art works are as follow:

Title: Girl with Tear III, in VR

Artist: Patrick Hackett

Description: An exploration in classics, reinterpreted for virtual reality.

self portrait
Title: Self Portrait #3

Artist: Drew Skillman

Description: Floating, pencil thin lines form this unconstrained sketchbook doodle.

Title: Neon

Artist: Drew Skillman

Description: Graffiti and light-painting remixed in space.

Title: Kindergarten

Artist: Stefano Corazza

Description: Can giraffes see above the clouds? Can a hot air balloon lift me up in the sky? Kindergarten landscapes are full of childhood dreams, and fears.

Title: Complacency

Artist: Justin Patten

Decription: My heavy handed scribbling meant to represent the general contentedness of the greater “we” in the face of inconvenient looming danger.

Title: Heavy Metals

Artist: Drew Skillman

Description: Heavy metal album cover, In VR


Title: One

Artist: Akin Bilgic

Description: Inspired by my experience camping under the dark skies of the California wilderness, this sketch is my attempt to share that sense of peace and grand context felt when watching the billions of stars of the Milky Way slowly streak across the night sky.

Title: Venus

Artist: Mitra Shahidi / Story Artist

Description: This piece is an homage to Boticelli’s Venus. With a modern fantasy appraoch it is meant to place the observer in Venus’ personal space and feel her aura.

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