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Tilt Brush Painting Exhibition @ San Francisco on June 13 2015

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality painting app acquired by Google back in April 2015. A group of talent painters are hosting the world’s first virtual reality art exhibition in San Francisco on June 13, 2015. The exhibiting artists are Akin Bilgic, Drew Skillman, Mitra Shahidi, Levi Ryken, and Justin Patton.


Update: Below is the immersive 360 video we have captured from the amazing event!


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Virtual Reality Painting Exhibition Event Details

vr painting tilt brush

VR Painting Exhibition Tickets on sale now on EventBrite!


The location is at San Francisco’s Gray Area / Grand Theater on Mission Street, tickets are on sale at this page. The Tilt Brush virtual reality painting exhibition is on June 13th, which is 2 days later than the Oculus Special Event “Enter The Rift!” The locations are very close to each other as well. Virtual Reality Reporter team’d stay and make a follow-up report!


tilt brush virtual reality painting exhibition


Tools and software like Tilt Brush has the potential to revolutionize visual design just like when Photoshop and Illustrator did years ago.


We are looking forward to see how these 2D / 3D artists are going to use Tilt Brush as their multi-media medium, combining music, sounds, shapes, colors, light and motions to create virtual art pieces! If you are attending, here is virtual reality painting event’s Facebook page.


Content Source: paintingvirtualreality.com


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