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Tips for Choosing a Successful LB VR Business Location

Before virtual reality used to exist only in people’s minds and sci-fi literature. There was no certainty that someday it would turn into reality. Nevertheless, the technology is having a high rate of development and thanks to the present-day achievements, we can experience something unique that we have never come across before.

Nowadays a large number of people are getting familiar with VR. They buy VR products and participate in special events.

These days we can come across VR in education, medicine, entertainment and other spheres of our life. Certain people choose to learn or work using VR whereas others see it as an exciting way of spending free time and starting a business.

In case the opening a VR business has come across your mind but it is still hard to decide what initial steps to take and what factors to consider, go ahead and read this article.

Below you will find helpful tips for opening your VR business and making it a success:

  1. Choose the location with care.

To begin with, find a proper place for your VR experiences. Preference is mostly given to theme parks or entertainment centers. Primarily the place you choose should be convenient for residents and in most cases, the choice turns next to the city center. The latter has a good chance to boost popularity. Moreover, the number of new visitors grows every day. Large and flourishing trade and entertainment centers are known for a variety of outdoor and online publicity.

However, it´s not a must to have your VR center in the heart of the city. It may be located far from the center, but still, you will have a lot of visitors. In addition, the fact that there are no huge shopping and entertainment malls around could turn into an advantage.

Your next target is high-quality ads and promotion campaigns as people should be aware your VR center.

Special attention should be paid to the leasing charge of your to-be (prospective) center. It is supposed to correspond to your target profit per square meter.

Say, there is a game for 4 people which can be played in a 20×20 room, and another game to be played in exactly the same room but for 6 people in one go. The latter option prevails as in the end square meter profit comes out higher – less space is used for more people.

It is your task to estimate how efficient the room is, considering the product to be implemented. For example, Zero Latency comes up with titles for a team of 8 for 100 sq m, whereas Avatarico provides a 25 sq m playground for a team of 6.

Thus, depending on the space-efficiency of your VR product, you can afford less or more expensive areas.


  1. Prior to opening your VR center, it is advisable to make a development plan for the coming year

You can struggle to imagine what your new place will look like in one or two months, let alone a whole year. However, you can’t but consider this point as careful planning does impact your business’s future success.

Let’s say, for a month you are able to monitor the audience flow and analyze the peculiarities of the selected location. To do this a special agency can be recruited and you are free to speak to a center owner to acquire more information or tips so that you have an idea of high and low seasons, good and bad months as per the number of people, profit and other. Check out the most successful VR centers and try to contact their owners to find out what made their business flourish.

  1. Negotiate with the landlord and strike a win-to-win deal.

When renting premises, talk to the owner about leasing conditions. As you are about to open a business of your own, time, money and a discount are needed. It is advisable to talk to the landlord about it, explaining the situation and trying to arrange for the best conditions for both sides.

Say, you can talk about the option of discounts for several months ahead, stressing you are new to the business and making a good start is vital. To put it differently, you take a vacation or get some time off during construction. You can mention the perfect location in the center along with the option of putting up a banner at the entrance or advertising signs, and such.

It is important to decide on the number of rooms you are looking to open, then choose the place with the potential to expand (lease more rooms in the vicinity, for instance), its capacity and on the whole possibility to expand. If you get many people coming along with the attendance rate and profit growth, you will be likely to search for a new place for your VR center.

Gradual development is of great importance, especially if you are responsible for launching the company, its management, design, content, selection of equipment and looking for partners. In case you get help from an agency, it would be better to stick to a well-thought-of strategic and economic plan.

  1. Think of an outstanding design beforehand.

Before opening a VR center, think of its future style. Many entrepreneurs screw up by first opening their place and then come up with the design and marketing strategy. Don´t follow their example.

At the start, it is recommended you make a website with your center’s design and all the details for potential visitors laid up. There are various platforms where a website can be created within a less than 1000$ budget. Your website should be linked to social networks for users to set the geolocation on their posts after visiting. This will serve as an ad for your company.

Afterward, work at your VR club style. It should be arranged suitably: you are welcome to use graffiti, post pictures, make branded pieces of clothing, etc. an entertainer or animator can be hired to arrange a photo shooting place, etc. People tend to return if they get positive memories and emotions. The packaging you present will stay in people’s memories. Remember to take this aspect into account on starting a business.

Hopefully, all our tips will be helpful for you in planning your future business and focusing on the significant factors that will make your business successful and profitable.

Author: VR Reporter

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