TMW Releases ‘Afternoon Group Fest’ Virtual Porn Movie – Available on TmwVR

The TeenMegaWorld Network (TMW) — which recently expanded into virtual reality content — has announced the release of “Afternoon Group Fest,” a x-rated virtual porn flim clip featuring Kristy Black and Dany, on TmwVRnet.com.


“In this new video, you’ll be able to see how an afternoon lunch with two beautiful girls turned into a wild threesome,” a TMW spokesperson said. “Being a relatively new website on the market of VR content, TmwVRnet is proud of making its users happy with the high-quality releases that are coming on a constant basis (and) enlarging its collection every week.”


VR technology, TMW said, adds a new dimension to the consumption of adult content.

“Thanks to the advanced head tracking technology in these 180° videos, viewers are capable of looking up and down, left or right and enjoying an improved experience compared to what they get from the usual HD videos,” TMW said.


According to TMW, one of its customers “is very thrilled by the notion of virtual reality. ”


“Watching VR videos is much more fun compared to the all other videos that you can see online,” the customer told TMW. “Being able to move your head, feeling like you are there yourself and getting a different perspective is a game changer. I’ve never been so thrilled watching porn before.”


Author: VR Reporter

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