The Topanga Film Institute (TFI) Presents TFF 2017: The 13th Annual Topanga Film Festival

What: One of the best-kept secrets, Topanga Film Festival has been a favorite of industry professionals, artists and celebrities for 13 years. Currently led by two young female entrepreneurs, this festival brings the best cinema and creative innovation into the wild and magical Topanga Canyon. The intimate dialogues in a beautiful setting has attracted audiences, films, and speakers from around the world because the festival experience provides a creative escape into this fabled mountain enclave, while just a stone’s throw from Hollywood. There is no other festival like this one.

TFF ‘17 will present screenings, panels, workshops, talks, parties, and of course our famous “International (Yes, Mr Trump) Short Film Competition”. TFF will also host some of the best VR installations in the world — Many of the installations can only be viewed at festivals including Milica Zec’s “Giant”, and the West Coast Premiere of Makropol’s “The Doghouse”.

Nominated as “one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world” by Filmmaker Magazine, Topanga Film Festival promises to be intimate, energizing and bleeding-edge as it delivers a one of a kind experience to its audience – with a lineup of artists that challenge convention and tell stories that inspire new and original ways of seeing, understanding, and participating in the world.


Highlights include superstar Milica Zec presenting her VR experience Giant, a favorite at Sundance’s New Frontier 2016. Zec was raised in war-torn Serbia and uses storytelling to address ‘issues of conflict, identity and the human struggle’. TFF presents the West Coast Premiere of Makropol’s The Doghouse, which shatters singular narrative stories, truly exploring how and why stories should be told in VR. Makropol also bring their new work and Cannes favorite Ewa.

Additionally TFF 2017 presents an Exclusive Tilt Brush Art Installation – An Art Exhibition of Johannes Hutenberg held in virtual space, with an invite for collaboration.

Not to be missed is the panel discussion “Storytelling in Immersive Technology” in which VR/AR innovators and creators discuss how to use new immersive media technologies to enhance a story. The conversation will focus on questions surrounding the creative process and new frontiers of storytelling, examining and imagining what possibilities exist now that never existed before for telling and sharing our stories.The panel includes Milica Zec of Giant, Johan Knattrup Jensen of Makorpol, Matt Celia (Creative Director of LightSail VR) and Arnaud Paris (VR Filmmaker and Consultant). It will be moderated by Michael Kass, renowned Storyteller and Founder of ImpactStory.

Also recommended for VR lovers:

  • The Image Maker’s Journey – Matt Mahurin
  • The Formula for Happiness – Gregg Katano


February 10,11,12 2017

February 10, 2017: 6:00pm through 9:00pm

February 11 and 12, 2017: 11 am (for open table) 12:30 through 9:00pm

Saturday night party: 9:00pm through 12:00 AM

For complete schedule:


TFI & Colab, 1111 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA 90290


VIP All Access Passes cost $90 for TFI members and students or $125 for non-members.

Friday Passes cost $25 for TFI members and students or $30 for non-members.

Saturday Passes cost $40 for TFI members and students or $60 for non-members.

Sunday Passes cost $25 for TFI members and students or $35 for non-members.

Tickets are also available on a per-event basis.

About the Topanga Film Institute (TFI):

Topanga Film Institute (TFI), a 501[c]3 charitable organization, aims to curate content as a catalyst for conversation. It exists to inspire, inform and interconnect a community of filmmakers and content creators, to foster global connections, to facilitate dialogue and to explore new frontiers of technology and storytelling to advance humanity. TFI was founded by Urs Baur and his wife Sara Baur Harding in 2011 as the parent for the TFF (est. 2004) and as a way to bring year-round events, programming workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities to the community.

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