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Trover Saves The Universe: Adult Swim Styled Sitcom with Outrageous Storyline Turned into VR Game Adventure

Trover Saves the Universe is an Adult Swim Styled adventure VR game developed and published by Squanch Games Studios. And when it comes to Adult Swim styled cartoon and VR game with a twisted adult humor, who can does it better than Justin Roiland? Who is one of the creator of Rick and Morty? Who is also the co-founder of Sqauanch Games.

Trover Saves the Universe

Developer: Squanch Games

Publisher: Squanch Games

Released: May 31, 2019

Price: $29.99

Support: Oculus, PSVR, HTC Vive, XBox, PC

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Trover Saves the Universe begins as an original game title for Oculus and PSVR back in 2019, now also supports Vive, XBox and PC. If you asked us what’s vibe in the game, I’d say it is a combination of: Adult Swim, Rick and Morty, South Park, The Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead. Imagine taking all of them and put them in a blender for 5 minutes, and throw them into a virtual reality realm, and you get Trover Savers the Universe!

Trover Saves the Universe can be played in VR or with other non-VR device, but it is much funner when you play in VR, you are basically immersed in Justin Roiland and his team’s imaginary world of twisted adult humor, a truly bizarre cosmic adventure!

Here are some demo gameplays by Youtubers:



In the game, you are a one of a Chairopian, an alien species who remains in a futuristic hover chair or space booth and holding a game controller, while immersed in the imaginary realm, Trover on the other hand, who is weird partner, a purple monster equipped with a neon laser sword, who has two little monsters as his popped-out eyes, runs around, fight, search, communicate with different aliens, and does stuff for you through out the entire gameplay.


You basically control yourself, the Chairopian holding a controller, you don’t really control Trover, but he does all the work for you, running around, talk to different beings, as both of you are set out to rescue and recover the stolen dogs.

So does Trover really want to save the universe? Probably not, we think he is just having fun!

Trover is the guy who does all the leg work, as you set out to rescue your two stolen dogs. Bizarrely the aliens have other aliens in their eye sockets, and the big bad has decided he wants your dogs in his – thereby putting the entire universe in peril, or something.

Trover is just a weirdo that made us laugh so hard the entire time, to us, the game is a comedy sitcom in virtual reality, which is exactly what we needed after a long day of work, some good laughs!

This is you and Trover’s adventurous journey. The story begins as an alien named Glorkon who took your dogs, so the plan is you and trover is going to track down Glorkon and end everything!

When was the last time you had a good laugh playing a game? Not just VR, I mean, any game at all? Trover Saves the Universe will do the job!

Justin Roiland, who is one of the lead designers of the game, also does the voicing, which is immensely entertaining! And Trover is not the only one who is bizarre and fun, all the sidekicks and cast in the game are fun to watch when they act crazy and lunatic, watching Trover having absurd and nonsensical conversations with different characters had us bursted into uncontrollable laughters at different moments. So if you dig the shows on Adult Swim and enjoy sitcoms like Marry with Child, you will find this game super funny, this is your VR game to sit back and play! If you want amazing graphics, detailed and structured plots and storyline, this is not likely to meet your demand.

You as Chairopian a humanoid who never gets out of the floating chair, can adjust the height of the chair, which is helpful when Trover runs out of your sight uncontrollably. And when you and Trover are working together to combat other alien monsters, you also have to adjust the height of your chair to have clear view.

We think this is the fun part of the game, which also makes more sense when being experienced in virtual reality, because when we are playing the game as Chairopian, we would be so bored by a 2D view, being immersed in 360 degree view makes the gameplay much more engaging and interesting as we can browse around at different angels, while we enjoy Justin Rioland’s voice over for Trover when Trover runs wild and does his own thing with other characters!

You are also essential element of the story, you don’t just sit back and perceive the game from the outside, the side characters also communicate with you directly, you reply YES with a nod and NO with a quick head shake of your head, with your headset!

How fun is that!

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What We Think About Trover Saves the Universe?

Essentially to us, Trover Saves the Universe is just an adult comedy in VR, which gives us some nice belly laugh! The game is packed with swearing, adult humor, not really made for kids to play, so be warned if you have toddlers at home. The game is designed as an easy-going, cartoon-watch-alike, fun VR gaming experience. Nothing too difficult, just colorful, hilarious and bizarre storyline and plots to entertain you all the way through.

All you are doing is battle with enemies, other aliens, solve interesting puzzles. The combat is simple and straightforward that only requires you to push some buttons. There is nothing too serious about the game, just a combination of humor, puzzle solving, combats and entertaining storyline.

It doesn’t have a complex plot to follow or mission to complete, it is perfect to play when you just want to relax and don’t want to use your brain to figure any shit out. Trover Saves the Universe is probably the funniest VR game we have played so far!

Are you ready for some adult humor and good laughs? Let’s go!

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