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Turris Chair: The First Virtual Reality Seating Solution

Turris by Praevidi is the world’s first virtual reality chair and seating solution. The Turris Kickstarter campaign has just launched today as the Turris team is debuting the Turris chair at SVVR this week!


SVVR turris test

Visitors testing out Turris! This guy was in a zen state!


Turris is rotating seat with built-in PC for data connection, pivot movement tracking sensors! No more messy cords and twisted cables!


turris built-in pc sensors


Turris enables users to be hands-free ( input with Sixense STEM or Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Controllers ) and tangle-free ( all cords and cables are neatly stored inside Turris, along with the built-in PC ), no keyboard and mouse needed. All you need is a headset and the Turris to play VR games.


Turris just finished prototype development. The appearance, industry design, and overall spec will be be finalized in June, 2015. Consumer product will be released during in Q1 2016.


turris team founder vr

Meet the Praevidi Team: Simon and Aaron


We met up with Praevidi’s founder Simon Solotko and tested Turris. At first, we were a bit confused about the controlling and navigation mechanism, as we were used to using controllers, keyboard or mouse to navigate. But once we started the hands-on experience, it is super easy to navigate, we simply lean towards the direction I wish to go and it does the job! All users to do is train your butt-leaning skill like using a hoola hoop!



If you ever tried on an VR headset, you know you really could fall if you have no one beside you, watching your safety! I almost fall flat on my face once…


No more VR baby-stting or life-guarding, unless it’s a VR cuttie!


” John, hold me, hold me tight! This is too dangerous.. guard me with your life!!!”


This bro is having a hard time to hang on still! Happens to many VR newbie!


Once again, the experience proved that to understand and truly experience virtual reality, it requires an actual hands-on experience, which cannot be replaced by watching demo videos, or describable accurately in words.


turris spec design finalize

The design and spec will be finalized in June, 2015!


Turris is a great virtual reality equipment that would enhance your virtual experiences, while providing extra comfort and safety. Turris will set you and your butt free in the virtual world!



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  1. What’s a VR cuttie? Is that someone holding a knife while in VR? No thanks. I’ll take a VR cutie over that any day.

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