Twisted Reality Promotes Health Benefits of AR/VR Machines with 90-Day Kat Walk Mini Challenge

Twisted Reality founder, Jake Phillips, is more than one-third through his 90-Day Kat Walk Mini Challenge. After hearing feedback from their customers, Twisted Reality learned that there was another practical use for these machines … it can also be used as a piece of fitness equipment. Finally the days are gone where gaming and achieving a healthy lifestyle are impassable.

“Telling people about this finding is one thing, but as I looked at myself in the mirror, taking fitness advice from me is like taking marriage advice from a 50 year old bachelor,” said Jake Phillips, Twisted Reality’s founder. “I have been fit off and on my whole life… I have a history of athletics but was struggling to find the motivation to get up and actually go to the gym. It is easy to let fitness and health fall out of priority with the monotony of daily life … meanwhile my stomach kept growing and the scale kept going up. The question became, could I find 1 hour a day to play video games? The answer was obvious, absolutely!”

The health benefits of getting off the couch and in the game can make a tremendous impact on today’s youth and that is why this initiative is so important to Twisted Reality. Childhood obesity is on the rise in this country and as adults we need to find better ways to engage children in fun, interactive ways. Not all kids are interested in playing competitive sports and the Kat Walk Mini is a great way to get physical without injuring yourself or their growing joints. Having more activities that can incorporate physical activity as a source of fun is the directions our society needs to go.

“For me, it is essential to be able to play what you love. No matter what workout or diet plan you go on, this one thing remains true, it needs to become your new lifestyle! Being able to cut pounds while doing what you love will ensure success from day to day, while keeping the motivation there,” says Jake Phillips.

Virtual Reality is the future and Twisted Reality is excited to be on the forefront of the movement. From gaming to enterprise use, AR/VR is the new path. Be on the lookout for Twisted Reality’s “vSports League” where competitive play and VR collide!

SOURCE Twisted Reality AR/VR

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