U.S. Navy Showcases Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Experience

The U.S. Navy announced today that it is unveiling a mobile high tech combat simulation module—only this one is intended for civilians. The Navy has created a virtual reality experience to allow you to experience a high speed water extraction of a Navy SEAL team pinned down under enemy fire; only, from the safety of a seat in one of the Navy’s two newest virtual reality modules. Check the video on this page!


These virtual reality units are being rolled out for the first time in October at Sacramento Navy Week and San Francisco Fleet Week in California, and at University of Texas campuses in Edinburg and Brownsville, Texas.


If you’ve ever wanted to pilot a high-speed assault craft or extract Navy SEALs from enemy territory, you’ll now get your chance. The experience showcase what it feels like to be part of today’s Navy, which is increasingly operating the most advanced technology and weapon systems in the world.


This immersive, virtual reality mobile display, built into two trucks that allow it to travel separately for maximum outreach, kicks off its tours in California on October 1st, and in Texas on October 3rd. Navy staff will be on hand as well to answer questions and help visitors navigate the site.


“We are excited to introduce today’s Navy experience to Texas,” says Navy Recruiting Command Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Doug “Woody” Beal. “We’ve spent significant time and resources developing this state-of-the-art virtual reality experience to transform and elevate the way people think about the Navy.”


So what actually happens inside this display? Participants go through a video “briefing” before strapping on a VR headset and piloting a high-speed assault craft while extracting SEALs. Once finished, participants move to the debriefing station, where they get feedback and are graded on their performance.


“This display offers users the most realistic Navy experience possible. Virtual reality has allowed the U.S. Navy to come a long way. Where we once were only able to describe these experiences, now we can actually show the reality of a Navy mission in an interactive way, using the best technology available,” continues Beal. “It’s a new opportunity to demonstrate how the Navy helps develop and deploy the most technologically advanced equipment in the world,” adds Captain Dave Bouve, National Director of Navy Marketing and Advertising at Navy Recruiting Command. “To reach a high-caliber pool of recruiting prospects, you need high-caliber recruiting tools, and this display is truly state-of-the-art.”

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