Anyone Can Make Extra Money w/ Unity Asset Store Affiliate Program

Give a shout out to your favorite publishers and earn money at the same time! The new Affiliate Program allows you to share how you use the Asset Store while earning commissions on referred sales.


Anyone in the world can participate. Apply for the program and share your favorite assets using special affiliate links. When a user clicks on your affiliate link, the Affiliate Program tracks their Asset Store purchase activity for 24 hours and you get 5% of the value of the sales you referred as a reward.


“I was fortunate enough to be part of the beta program for the past couple weeks, and I’ve put up links on my own website, Facebook, email updates to my registered users, Youtube, & Reddit — anywhere that I post about my stuff. So far, it’s been great! For any publisher who posts anything about their work anywhere, the Affiliate program is a no-brainer. For anyone who is industrious enough, it could easily be a solid revenue source,” says Andrew, S.F. Bay Studios, Inc


The program is free and the signup page & dashboard are available in over 25 languages, so it’s easy to get started. You can also create affiliate links, widgets, and banners through our Link Maker tool. To help you figure out which of your affiliate links work best, we report link activity in real time, and you can segment your links using the “Pubref” feature. When you start generating commissions, we’ll be sending payouts directly to your bank account in your choice of over 100 different currencies! Get more info on dashboards, payouts and more in the Affiliate Program FAQs.

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