“Easily make VR tools and run them in Unity. EditorVR is now available for free, today!”

You may have been following our progress with constructing environments for VR in VR. Now it’s your turn. Today, you can download the EditorVR Experimental Build and the EditorVR Unity Asset Package. For now, if you’re building VR games and experiences, EditorVR will likely help you with:


  • Initially laying out a scene in VR
  • Making tweaks to existing VR scenes
  • Making adjustments to components using the Inspector workspace


At Unity Labs, they are on a mission to explore the long-term view of where creation technology is headed. At the Unite demo last month, Untiy gave a final peek at the experience of building out an environment in real-time using VR-specific UI (many thanks to our friends at Camp Santo for providing the beautiful Firewatch scene). You can build directly in the headset, on both Vive and Rift. Learn more about how to use it here.


Unity is launching with an open API and invites developers to experiment and customize to your liking. If you need help or want to join the conversation, head to our brand-new EditorVR forum. There, you can also learn about Tools, which are VR-specific extensions to EditorVR. At Unite 16 Los Angeles, Timoni demonstrated two examples of Tools: Tvori, an animation tool, and Creations, a sculpting tool.


Author: VR Reporter

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