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Unity Plugin for STYLY Rolled out at Unite Austin 2017

Psychic VR Lab (HQ: Tokyo, Japan CEO: Yamaguchi Masahiro) released the“Unity plugin for STYLY” rolled out at Unite Austin 2017. Unity Plugin for STYLY allows creators to export their Unity contents into STYLY with just one click. This will give creators the easiest way to distribute VR from Unity.

 What is STYLY?

STYLY is Free Web based VR Creative platform. Creators can create and share VR contents on web based editor with no coding. The VR contents can be distributed to major VR HMDs in just few minutes. HTC Vive is now supported. Oculus Rift, GearVR and Daydream apps are coming soon.

 Unity Plugin for STYLY is the easiest way to distribute VR from Unity.

  • Unity Plugin for STYLY requires Unity 5.6.3 or higher.
  • Unity Prefab can be exported to STYLY with just one click
  • Custom shader can be used including ones made with Amplify Shader Editor, Shader Forge and other Unity visual shader editors as well as ShaderLab language.
  • Particle system with Shuriken is suported.
  • Playmaker interactive contents are supported.
  • Mechanim animation is supported.
  • C# scripts are not supported because of security reasons and Unity architecture.

 Other STYLY key features

  • Youtube video, Sound Cloud music, Instagram photos can be directly imported   from integrated STYLY interface.
  • FBX, Blender, Sketchup, Wavefront Obj, TiltBrush fbx can be converted on the   STYLY cloud.

 Rolled out at Unite Austin 2017

  CAO Mir Nausharwan and CTO Akihiro Fujii made a speaker session

  “Easiest way to distribute VR from Unity” at Unite Austin 2017

     Presentation Slide :

 STYLY Official Site

 Next Panel session at Oculus Connect 4

    Thursday, October 12

    Building Global Communities

    Executive Ballroom 210G/H02:00 PM – 02:50 PM

 Company Information

   Company Name: Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.

   HQ Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 1-34-2 MORIAURA 2F

   CEO: Yamaguchi Masahiro

   Coorperate URL:

 Contact Info.

  Contact Person: Naush Mir   

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