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Unity Technologies Announced Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Conference 2016 @ Hollywood, California

Unity Technologies, the company behind one of the most popular and powerful game rendering engines available today, is hosting the first Vision VR/AR Summit at Loews Hotel in Hollywood, the same venue where Oculus Connect 2 was hosted in September. The ticket price for the two days VR / AR conference is ranging from $190 to $650, get your early birds ticket before January 11 for $450.


Update 1: VR/AR Awards Round 1 & 2 Judges Announced + Advisory Board + Additional Agenda


Update 3: VISION SUMMIT VR / AR Awards Finalists Announced



The Vision VR/AR Summit will feature many of the industry’s biggest tech leaders, design innovators, and visionaries. More than 40 breakout sessions will cover the latest technologies and best practices, while revealing some of today’s most creative and inspiring projects, many of which will be recognized in the Vision VR/AR awards show.


Keynote Speaker Alex McDowell, RDI

Leading the creative portion of the keynote will be acclaimed designer and storyteller Alex McDowell, the founder and creative director of 5D Global Studio, where he and his team design immersive story worlds for industries and institutions.



Mr. McDowell’s unique World Building process was born in cinematic storytelling; McDowell collaborated with directors including Steven Spielberg (Minority Report, The Terminal), Tim Burton (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and David Fincher (Fight Club), among others.


McDowell is also Professor of Media Arts + Practice at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and director of the World Building Media Lab, where his students engage in practice-based curriculums and funded research to build worlds to investigate the future of storytelling and narrative.


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Vision Summit 2016 Official Partners

Vision Summit official partners include Oculus VR, Vuforia & Qualcomm, Sony Computer Entertainment, Steam VR and Valve will also be presenting at the event and showcase their latest VR/AR demos.



The VR / AR conference is dedicated to the future development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality across different industries.



VISION SUMMIT is also having an all-star expert Advisory Board led by former Epic Games President Mike Capps, that includes David Luebke from Nvidia, Joe Ludwig from Valve, Sylvio Drouin from Unity Technologies, Relja Markovic from Microsoft, Richard Marks from Sony Computer Entertainment, and Jacki Morie from the University of Southern California. This experienced group is helping shape the program by selecting breakout session content and judging the Vision VR/AR Awards.


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Vision VR/AR Summit 2016 By Unity Technologies – Vision & Goal

Vision VR/AR Summit will feature industry’s leading innovators, designers, developers and visionaries. Exclusive sessions and discuss panels will cover a wide range of topics, such as conceptual, practical and innovative design discussion, in-depth technology deep-dive, interface design, implementation and creation of full immersion through presence.




Event attendees will have a chance to get hands-on assistance with their projects, so if you are a developer, this is your perfect chance to receive professional grade assistance!

unity logoVision VR/AR Summit is a cross-industry conference event that will bring VR / AR content makers, engineers, artists, programmers, designers, musicians, film direcotrs, producers, researchers, storytellers, developers, hardware manufacturers and enthusiasts together to cultivate and form a VR/AR knowledge base that shares tech and innovative knowledge, and a global community that connects everyone involved in this VR/AR revolution and evolution.



“VR and AR promise to change the way we interact with technology and entertainment, Vision Summit will bring the best minds together to discuss how the great potential in these technologies can be realized.” John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies ( via Develop )


“Like you, we’re excited about the world-changing potential of VR and AR. We’ve seen first-hand the impact a global community of game developers generously sharing their hard-won tech and creative knowledge has had on the quality of games. Since we work closely with all the major platforms, including Oculus Rift, Sony’s Playstation VR, and Microsoft Hololens, we believe we are in the perfect position to bring together the VR community and encourage knowledge sharing.” ( via Unity )


New commercial, entertainment, and educational experiences using VR and AR will be as transformative as the jump from television to the Internet. The Vision Conference will be a developer driven event focused on exploring the new opportunities, thought­ provoking challenges, and extraordinary potential presented by current and future VR and AR technology.” ( via Unity )




Vision VR/AR Summit 2016 will be presenting one of the 2016’s most prestigious awards for the best VR/AR projects and demo experiences in different categories; created by some of the most exciting companies, developers and indie studios in the world. Competing award categories are as follow:


Best Game – Submissions in this category will be judged on innovative and intuitive VR/AR integration, creativity, complexity, and fun.


Best Film / Interactive Story – We are looking for the best immersive experience with strong narrative, compelling visuals, and engaging use of VR/AR mechanics.


Best Live-Action Experience – VR/AR can add significantly to live performances such as dance and theatre. This category will be judged on creativity, visual engagement, and fluidity of VR/AR integration.


Technical Achievement Award -Many VR/AR projects have real-world applications for architecture, education, industry, and more. These projects will be evaluated on build quality, complexity, and originality.


Artistic Achievement Award – The world of VR/AR is filled with inventive uses of the technology for artistic pursuits. This award will be presented to the project which creates the most striking artistic VR/AR experience.


Best VR Experience – This award will be presented to the best virtual reality submission we receive, and all VR submissions will be considered for it.


Best AR Experience – This award will be presented to the best augmented reality submission we receive, and all AR submissions will be considered for it.


Vision Inspire Award (best overall) -This award will be presented to the very best submission we receive. The judges will consider everything from thematic cohesion and immersion, to technical merit and production quality when choosing the winner.

Award Competition Details & project proposal submission


” Submit your VR/AR project, and it can be your name in lights at the year’s most prestigious VR/AR awards. Win, and you’ll be recognized as the innovator that’s bringing the virtual future to life. Whatever platform you’re targeting and whatever middleware you used to build it, it’s your chance to be recognized for best game, best film/interactive story or best demo.” ( via Unity )


The event will take place @ Le

The event will take place @ Loews Hotel in Hollywood

Vision Summit 2016 Event Details

At the conference’s Hand’s-on Showcase & Exhibit Hall, all attendees will have the opportunity to demo new and award winning experiences in the VR/AR ShowCase, with four rooms of expertly curated content from around the globe.


Across from the Showcase will be the exhibit hall with 25 exhibitors, giving attendees more opportunities to experience an array of content on the latest hardware.


Early bird passes are available through January 11, 2016 and can be purchased here. Additional Summit details can be found on the event website:


For more updates, or you can sign-up for news and updates on this page. Unity Technologies is inviting speakers, if you are interested, you can sign-up on this page.


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Vision Summit Hotel Booking Special Rate Ends Soon!

Rooms at the Loews Hollywood Hotel are quickly filling up! If you have not yet secured your hotel room we encourage everyone to do so soon, as our special room rate ends on Friday, January 15. Loews Hollywood Hotel is providing Vision Summit 2016 attendees with a special nightly room rate of $229.00/night. Book on this page.


Rooms can be reserved online or by calling the hotel directly at 1-855-563-9749. When speaking with the reservations team, please refer to “Vision and Augmented Reality Summit 2016” to secure the conference rate. BOOK YOUR HOTEL NOW!


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