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Unravel the Mysteries of the Cosmos with Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

Prepare to embark on an interstellar journey like no other as Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game makes its grand return next month. With enhanced graphics, this action-packed roguelite spin-off of the critically acclaimed grand strategy game, Stellaris, by Paradox is set to captivate both seasoned players and newcomers alike. Dive deep into a universe brimming with ancient secrets, strategic gameplay, and unparalleled VR immersion.

A Journey Beyond the Stars

Released earlier this Spring on Quest 2 and Pico, Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game has already made its mark in the VR gaming realm. Players command the majestic spaceship, Aurora, plunging deep into the mysteries of the enigmatic Ghost Signal. Every decision counts, every strategy pivotal, as players navigate through a cosmos teeming with challenges and revelations.

Upgrades, Enhancements, and New Adventures

Now, as the game prepares to expand its horizons, Fast Travel Games, the esteemed publisher, confirms its transition from standalone VR, promising an enriched gaming experience. Whether you’re a veteran of the game or hearing about it for the first time, the anticipation is palpable. And for those eager for a sneak peek, the latest trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits.

Acclaim and Continuous Evolution

The journey of Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game has been nothing short of stellar. Garnering commendations for its intricate gameplay and immersive experience, our review lauds it as “one of the best VR roguelites.” But Fast Travel Games hasn’t rested on its laurels. The game has seen continuous enhancements, with the ‘Fleet Expansion’ update in June being particularly notable. This update unveiled two state-of-the-art ships, each boasting distinct tech trees and abilities. Additionally, players benefited from the much-requested autosave feature and a ‘Relaxed Mode’, perfect for those who prefer a more tranquil exploration of the universe.

Where to Embark on This Galactic Adventure

For those who’ve already dived into the mysteries of the Ghost Signal on the Meta Quest and Pico platforms, the journey continues with even more depth and clarity on the upcoming SteamVR and PSVR 2 versions. Mark your calendars for October 5th, when the universe expands to these platforms. And for those on the fence, a complimentary PSVR 2 demo will also be launched on the same day, offering a taste of the cosmic wonders that lie ahead.


The universe of Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is vast, mysterious, and endlessly captivating. As the game gears up to welcome players on new platforms, the promise of deeper immersion, strategic challenges, and mind-bending revelations beckons. Whether you’re a strategic mastermind, a lover of roguelites, or simply a VR enthusiast, this is one cosmic journey you won’t want to miss.

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