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uSens CTO Keynotes VRS Conference, Discusses Future of Hand Interaction in AR/VR

Virtual Reality Strategy Conference – Dr. Yue Fei, CTO and co-founder of Silicon Valley-based uSens, Inc., a pioneer in human computer interaction (HCI) solutions, will deliver a keynote speech at the Virtual Reality Strategy (VRS) Conference 2018, Oct. 15 – 18 in San Francisco. The company also announced that its recently launched 3D skeleton hand-tracking solution has gained considerable traction in a wide variety of markets including consumer and enterprise, drones, cars, retail, and more.

Dr. Yue Fei, uSens CTO and co-founder, will deliver a keynote titled “Leveraging Naturalistic Interfaces in XR” at the Virtual Reality Strategy (VRS) Conference 2018, on Wed, Oct 17, 3pm, in San Francisco

Dr. Fei’s keynote titled “Leveraging Naturalistic Interfaces in XR” will focus on the future of hand interaction in AR/VR. To realize truly immersive experiences, Dr. Fei believes users need more intuitive ways to interact with virtual objects. He will discuss how by using your own hands rather than controllers to provide input into the virtual world, the experience can be greatly enhanced. The keynote is scheduled for 3:00 pm on Wednesday, October 17.

In addition, uSens’ 3D skeleton hand-tracking solution, launched in May, is gaining traction quickly thanks to its ability to create new user experiences and solve mission critical problems.

1-In partnership with a Germany-headquartered global automotive OEM, uSens is building a “virtual cockpit,” a 3D prototyping platform; the application is expected to save $1M in prototyping costs.

2- uSens’ hand-tracking SDK is also being incorporated into a top five smart electronics OEM’s native content application as part of their smart device platform designed to educate children while entertaining them for hours on end.

“The power and future of AR/VR lies in our ability to create the most natural and intuitive interactions. uSens is thrilled by the surge of demand from customers seeking to integrate our solutions on everything from sign language interpretation, enterprise remote assistance, gesture controls for robots/drones, AR stroke therapy programs and more,” said Anli He, uSens CEO and co-founder. “I believe our skeleton hand-tracking—the world’s first 3D, deep learning based, mobile skeletal hand-tracking solution—is on the way to empowering millions to ditch the touch screen to better interact with virtual objects.”

Unlike other technologies that only track fingertips, uSensAR Hand Tracking SDK uses computer vision and deep learning technology with a mobile phone’s RGB camera to provide full hand skeleton tracking and 3D motion recognition. This opens a whole new world of potential target markets not possible with current virtual reality products.

Visit uSens at the VRS Conference

From October 16-17, uSens will be exhibiting at VRS held at the Park Central Hotel. The uSens team will share more insights on Dr. Fei’s keynote topic, discuss use cases, as well as welcome attendees to try first-hand uSens’ various demos of the company’s new hand skeleton and 3D motion recognition software for AR/VR.
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About uSens, Inc.

uSens, a 3D Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) pioneer, is redefining how we interact with machines. The company’s advanced computer-vision technologies – the world’s first 3D 26 DOF hand tracking and 6 DOF positional tracking (SLAM) – can create new user experiences and solve mission critical problems for industries including auto, healthcare, robotics/drones, education, eCommerce, real estate, retail, enterprise productivity, and more. Founded in 2014, uSens is comprised of domain experts in computer vision, AI and AR/VR. The company has grown into a 60-employee international operation with headquarters in San Jose and offices in China and has received $26.7M in venture funding. Visit us at, and follow us at @usensinc.

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