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VadR – The VR Ad Platform With a View to the Future

With VR being launched into mainstream with Oculus Rift’s launch and just launched HTC Vive. VR is definitely forming a part of daily discussions and has caught tech enthusiast’s attention with much more vigor than before. With many tech giants investing heavily into it, and many analysts predicting that the VR market is poised to reach upwards of $40 billion by 2020, the future of VR definitely looks very rosy. All of this backed by open content creation for mobile VR platforms, will see VR grow leaps and bound.


With nearly 1.4 billion smart phones in circulation today and conservatively estimating that half of them can be used as VR devices, that’s still 700 million phones that can be potentially used as VR devices. Presenting a monumental opportunity for story telling in a different, more immersive and interactive way, for entertainment companies to deliver messages and experiences to audience and for marketers to promoter their products. However, without new and exciting content for this very important medium of VR, it could die pre-maturely.


This brings us to the very important question of sustainability of the entire ecosystem. Without proper monetization for content developers, especially for the mobile VR space, content developers might soon need to stop giving free apps, which could hinder VR reaching its true potential. Advertisements, if implemented properly, can solve this dual problem.


Today’s ad networks are not equipped to handle this new canvas for advertising. They lack the technology to implement ads in VR ad spaces. VadR, understanding these challenges, is developing an ad network specifically targeted at VR content developers and will be launching within the coming weeks. They are developing a technology so that ads can be integrated into VR without disrupting the users experience.


In order to maximize fill rates, VadR has collaborated with existing ad networks to access their demands and has integrated them into VR. VadR has also developed a new product to intuitively integrate ads into VR environments, while the game or experience is being played, offering a non-intrusive and seriously damage user experience, they have developed products that combine traditional mobile marketing and leveraged it to VR. VadR has also kept in mind the advertisers pain-points and ensured that the entire functionality of ads is preserved and post click actions are also shown in VR. They also will be offering the best analytics for content developers to utilize and take decisions.


Apart from their core offerings in advertisements, they also will be providing some add on services to their clients. These will include some top of the line analytics services and a notification service to their clients so as to preserve their experience even while calls are incoming.

With many brands and companies looking to market via VR to reach their target audience with better experience. VadR in the next few months will also be integrating VR ads into VR environments, which will offer this new VR native ad formats. Apart from these VadR also plans to create their own RTB platform to tap the advertisers demand in VR.


VadR, with plans to bring sustainability into ecosystem, is pulling out all stops in order to get their offerings right and give the best service to their clients. You could visit them at

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