VIA Launches Vpai 720-Degree Video Camera Platform

VIA Technologies, Inc., today announced the launch of the first generation of Vpai 720-degree cameras in China. The devices can be ordered online in China for prices of less than US$100.

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Available in a choice of stylish ultra-portable form factors, the seven models enable consumers to easily capture, view, and share their experiences in stunning panoramic image and video formats. The user-friendly Vpai app combined with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity options makes operating the cameras a snap in any environment, whether at a dinner with friends or out on the hiking trail.

“With the Vpai platform, VIA is working with leading manufacturers in Shenzhen to co-create innovative new products that enable consumers to enjoy and share compelling new visual experiences through their smart phones,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “By combining our advanced graphics and video technology expertise with the rapid product development and manufacturing capabilities of our partners, we are committed to accelerating the development of ground-breaking devices and applications for delivering rich and immersive content.”

Vpai Platform

Vpai combines a production-ready 720-degree camera hardware platform with a suite of user-friendly smart phone apps that enable high-resolution immersive video and image stitching on the fly.

The Vpai hardware platform features a high-performance silicon video compression engine that ensures instant full HD image quality without the need for post-processing, as well as dual fisheye lenses with transverse 360° and longitudinal 360° capture that ensure the generation of full-angle (2048×1024) immersive video and images.

Vpai software apps are available in Android, iPhone, and Windows formats, and with their user-friendly interface and flexible Wi-Fi and USB connectivity options make it easy to manage the cameras using a smart phone or PC.

The apps come with a rich array of real-time immersive video and image capture, composition, and sharing features, including a choice of Panorama (spherical), Asteroid (outside-looking-in), and Fish-Eye (inside-looking-out) views. Online content sharing is facilitated by automatic connections to leading social media applications, including WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Chiptrip V71

The Chiptrip V71 is an easy-to-use 720-degree camera with a mini-tripod that makes it ideal for shooting high-quality spherical video and images from flat surfaces such as tables and desks. All industry-standard tripods can also be attached using the screw-in connector. This stylish and compact device comes with a built-in microphone for recording high-quality audio, a Micro SD slot that is compatible with cards of capacities of up to 64GB, and a 900mAh lithium ion battery that supports up to forty minutes of recording time. With its integrated Wi-Fi and a Micro USB 2.0 port, the camera can be easily connected to a smart phone or PC. A choice of Android and iPhone apps are available.

Chiptrip V72

The palm-sized Chiptrip V72 combines a distinctive spherical design with an integrated 1200mAh battery that delivers up to seventy minutes of recording time to provide a fun and friendly camera for capturing and sharing high-resolution 720-degree video and image content. To ensure seamless connectivity to a smart phone or PC, the camera comes with integrated Wi-Fi and a Micro USB 2.0 port. A choice of Android and iPhone apps are available. Other features include a built-in microphone, a Micro SD slot supporting cards of capacities of up to 64GB, and a mini-tripod.

Chiptrip V73

Sporting an eye-catching, ultra-light design, the Chiptrip V73 provides the fastest and most convenient way to shoot 720-degree videos and images on the fly. It can be instantly plugged into an Android smart phone using its USB Type-C/Micro USB 2.0 connector to capture and share magical immersive moments anytime and anywhere.

ForFun V1

The ForFun V1 is a user-friendly point-and-shoot camera that combines an attractive design with a wealth of features including an integrated 0.96” 128×64 OLED panel for viewing captured video and images, and a Micro SD slot that supports card capacities of up to 64GB. Built-in Wi-Fi and a Micro USB 2.0 slot enable seamless connectivity to Android smart phones and PCs.

ForFun VV720

The ForFun VV720 is a versatile 720-degree camera with a wealth of features, including a 900mAh lithium ion battery that supports up to forty minutes of recording time, a Micro SD slot that is compatible with cards of capacities of up to 64GB, a built-in microphone, and mini-tripod. The camera can be connected to an Android smart phone, iPhone or PC using its integrated Wi-Fi or Micro USB 2.0 port,

ForFun VV750

The ForFun VV750 provides the ultimate 720-degree camera for your Android smart phone with its USB Type-C/Micro USB 2.0 connector that enables you to capture images and video on the go. A variety of color options are available.

Eken Pano I

With its USB Type-C/Micro USB connector, the Eken Pano I can be inserted directly into an Android smart phone to shoot spherical video and image content wherever you happen to be. Available in a choice of striking color combinations, the camera is the perfect portable solution for filming in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Vpai cameras from Chiptrip, ForFun, and Eken are available for sale online in China at prices below US$100.

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