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French 360 Video Specialist: VideoStitch Received 2.25 Million

French startup VideoStitch just received $2.25 million funding from Alven Capital. The company is capable of rendering 360 video feeds in real-time and on-demand.


According to Techcrunch, VideoStitch is able to use GoPros attached to computer to edit and output 360 degree, 3D fully immersive video that can be viewed on Oculus Rift headset. Below is a 360 degree video stitched and rendered with VideoStitch’s in-house software without post production, it looks great!


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Video stitching is a technical, complicated and time consuming task, VideoStitch is aiming to provide a viable and more accessible solution.


VideoStitch also provides users with a easy to use video stitching and editing software for both professionals, virtual reality and 360 video enthusiasts to do their own video stitching. Below is the tutorial on how to use the video stitching software:




With GoPro and Kolor Acquisition back in April, who is also a video stitching specialist, 360 degree video Stitching seems to be one of the most sought after technology. Let’s wait and see if VideoStitch would provide a video stitching solution, not just for professional film makers and content producers, but for end-consumer as well!



Content Source: VideoStitch, Techcrunch

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