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Vidiots Hosting A Virtual Reality Film Event With Vrse

Vidiots is a super cool, gigantic indie video store that reminds us of Amoeba Records. If you are film or music lovers, this will be your dream store to visit! Below is a video about Vidiots’ store history:



The Santa Monica, California based video store is collaborating with Vrse and Annapurna Pictures to host a virtual reality event that takes audiences to experience the future of film making in virtual reality!


vidiots virtual reality film screening



In partnership with Vrse and Annapurna Pictures, Vidiots is taking the video store experience into the 21st century. Join them in the VHS/DVD stacks of Vidiots and experience the future of filmmaking in virtual reality. On August 13, Vidiots visitors will receive a time slot to step into their annex screening room where Vidiots staff will help you and your friends put on the provided VR headsets and view the latest films from the video archive menu.


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There will be beer, drinks, prize raffle and live DJ set, however, general admission ($30) and VIP ticket ($50) are both sold out. If you are interested, you can sign-up to become a member of Vidiots Foundation and receive updates, there is a waiting list for additional tickets. Here is the link:



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