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NextVR, founded by DJ Roller and David Cole in 2009, is a Laguna Beach, California based startup that specializes in capturing, producing, live streaming and broadcasting high definition virtual reality content.


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In 2014, NextVR debuted its state-of-the-art stereoscopic digital camera system at IBC2014. The digital camera system uses six RED Epic Dragon video cameras that captures high resolution , immersive, virtual 360 degree video. The system is capable of recording at 6K resolution.


red dragon virtual 360 video rig


NextVR has seventeen patents granted, and pending patents for capture, compression, transmission and display of virtual reality content. NextVR’s technology enables fully immersive 360 degree viewing experiences for the viewers, using recorded or live content.


NextVR captured vr 360 video nhl

NextVR x NHL


With NextVR’s patented technologies, immersive, virtual 360 degree video content can be captured and broadcasted live or on-demand! Viewers with any form of internet connection can now view and enjoy a live-streaming sport or music event right from their home.


Below is a video interview from VRScout with NextVR team @ VRLA EXPO 2015.





DJ Roller nextvr founder

DJ Roller, co-Fonder of NextVR


“Having a true professional-grade digital cinema camera system is imperative to help filmmakers and broadcasters create the highest quality virtual reality content possible.”


“This system will help produce the compelling visuals consumers expect, as the demand to enjoy these amazing ‘like being there’ experiences expands.”


“If you thought going to an IMAX theatre felt like almost being there, you will be floored when you view NextVR’s content. It’s almost better than being there,” said DJ Roller, cofounder of NextVR, in a statement. “There is no comparison for what we’re offering because it hasn’t existed until now. We’ve worked on perfecting the technology for the past five years, and now we’re excited to finally share the result.”


“With our technology, you actually feel like you are experiencing events as they are happening,” Cole says. “In some ways, it’s almost better than being there because you can achieve vantage points that you would never be able to get in real life.”


“Imagine joining your favorite NFL team during training camp, or being in the dugout during a MLB All-Stars game,” Cole says. “This isn’t just about taking fans to the best seat in the arena, this is about taking them places they could never go before.”


david cole next vr founder

David Cole, co-founder of NextVR


“Our technology is changing the way consumers experience their favorite music, sporting events, travel destinations and more,”


“The patent-pending technology captures a precise 360-degree environment in unparalleled detail. This puts viewers right in the action, whether that’s experiencing a courtside seat at a basketball game or standing stage side at the hottest concert in town. When you put on a headset for the first time, you instantly understand the meaning of ‘seeing is believing.’”


In 2014, NextVR received $5 million funding from private investors to develop and improve its technologies. The Next VR will initially focus on capturing sports ( NHL, NBA, NFL, Nascar ), live concert ( Coldplay concert ), natural experiences ( underwater diving ) and fashion runway shows. In the future, Next VR will continue to expand into different areas.


Coldplay concert virtual 360 video

Coldplay concert on Gear VR!


NBA virtual 360 video

NBA Game live!


Next VR’s live broadcasting technology has enormous potential, simply because its technology enables them to broadcast and capture the entire game or event in the form of immersive 360 degree video. The virtual content is compressed and streamed live to audiences’ mobile devices or VR headsets.


NextVR NASCAR virtual 360 video



Imagine in the near future, you can be sitting at home, view and enjoy NBA all-star game on your mobile devices or VR headset in real-time or on-demand, immersive virtual 360 degree video format!


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