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Virtual Biking Anyone? No More Boring Stationary Biking Workout!

Are you tired of biking on a stationary rack? Well, I am! I like to bike outdoor, however, I still get bored to always ride on the same trail, but that’s the only one near my home. Now, we have good news for you! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Wilderun!


Virtual Reality Reporter has just discovered a very exciting virtual reality Kickstarter Campaign by this new vr startup company Wilderun with the title Widerun – The first full immersive VR biking experience.


We absolutely loved the sceneries in this demo video! The dark and gloomy sky, thunder storm and zombie make a perfect cycling workout~!



OK, maybe zombies are too much for some people’s workout, your choice of biking in a beautiful park filled with virtual leaves and trees are also available!


Besides the bright green badge that says “ Kickstarter Staff Pick, the campaign first caught my attention because I am a mountain biking enthusiast myself,and there it says in Wildrun’s campaign that they are a team of passionate cyclists。


Biker inventing and developing practical virtual reality gadgets for other bikes, and when I receive it I can immediately put it into use for my daily biking workouts. Well, how cool is that! That’s rad!


Wilderun is compatible with multiple head mounted devices

From the demo videos featured in their campaign, the virtual graphic looks pretty real! The product itself looks very promising and well-designed. It seems very user-friendly and compatible with some of the most popular head mounted devices which include: Oculus DK1 & DK2, Samsung Gear VR, Durovis Dive, SeeBright and Sony Morpheus. As for bike, no need to worry, you don’t need to buy a special bike, any bike can fit into Widerun’s base station.



Wilderun’s hassel-free installation is impressive, even monkeys can do it on their own! The installation is simply as Widerun states in the campaign. Simply mount your bike onto the base station, install the steer component on the bike handle that’s it. Put your head mounted device on, plug it in, and you are ready to boogie!


widerun base station vr


widerun virtual biking


Imagine yourself biking in San Francisco by the bay, on Olympic racing track, on snowy trail on the Alps, or in any city around the world! I can say for you, but for me, I will be reluctant to get my ass off the bike is I can bike right in these cool locations virtually! This is virtual reality and augmented reality in its coolest form! Well done Widerun!


As of now, 42 days to go, and currently funded £7,412, from 40 backers, the goal is to raise £30,000. Pledged folks are promised to receive their reward around January that is when Widerun promised to make the shipping.


Extra bonuses for your if your pledge just a bit more, very very sweet! I might just do it!

Extra bonuses for your if your pledge just a bit more, very very sweet! I might just do it!


Everything about this Wilderun VR Biking campaign sounds very exciting and promising, however, regarding the real time feedback or its sensory system and full responsiveness as promised, we still need to actually test it to know if it really works as well as promised. But we are truly looking forward to get our hands, or shall we say legs on Widerun’s fresh design!

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  1. This is rad! saw your post and going to pledge and receive mine in 2016 woo hoo!!!

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